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Why is it fun to write an essay?

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Because it allows the author to express his or her ideas and opinions without worrying about using a rigid predetermined structure or having to carefully document what matters.

Parts of an essay

How many types of essays are there?

There are three types of analysis:




The reality is that they all cover the same concept, as it is about presenting an idea based on certain arguments and research, and adding some criticism. King essays reviews says that all essays, even the one they have forked, evaluate a specific topic.

I want to write an essay. Where do I start?

First, we need to be clear about the topic we want to present.

Do your own brainstorming.

Parts of the essay.

Perhaps there are a few ideas that keep us busy and that we would like to express our opinion about in an essay. How do we choose then?

Brainstorming is one of the best personal tools we have.

To be effective, consider the following steps:


Write down all the ideas that could be the main characters of your essay.


Now the sifting begins. Read them all and reflect on them, for not all are equally important to you.


Assess your knowledge: of all those listed, which one do you think you have the most knowledge and information about?


You have already reached the last step. Research will be a key element of your essay.

Once this process is complete, it's time to get down to business and start writing, but first ...

What parts is the essay divided into?

Although, as we've said before, an essay is free writing that is not subject to rigid rules, especially with regard to its writing, it is important to follow the classic overall structure before you start writing:





Let's describe each of them in detail ...


What should be clear in the introduction to an essay?

Essentially two things:

The presentation of the topic under discussion.

How the author will approach it

Think of an essay as being like starting to read a novel: if you're not hooked on the first page, you probably won't continue reading it.

You must present the topic in a way that grabs the reader's attention and gets him or her to continue reading to the end.

In this first part, you must show not only the subject, but also your position on it, your opinion. This will be the best way to sympathize with your audience. For example, an argumentative essay written in boomessays in the introduction will present a thesis that we will try to defend throughout the development process, using objective and subjective options.

If this were a scientific essay, we would have to present a theory or hypothesis that offers a solution to a problem in order to defend it later by providing 100% objective evidence and options.


This part will cover the main content of the essay, arguments that develop the main idea presented in the introduction.

Once you have drawn the reader's attention to the idea of interest, the next step is to discuss and ask certain related questions based on other sources, which could be: books, magazines, interviews, digital media, etc. Д.

Body development will be the most extensive part of the essay, it is 80%, so it will be necessary to summarize all the important information we want to reveal. Not because it's extensive, it has to be heavy, we have to try to make it as lively as possible.

In addition to development, it's time to form our opinions and personal assessments on the subject.

It is important that all the ideas you present be intertwined with each other so that there is coherence.

Continuing with the previous examples ...

If this were a scientific test, the development would show tests that support the hypothesis presented in the introduction. The various theories, bibliography, evidence, etc. etc., all fit into this part.

If this were an argumentative essay, we would have to defend the original thesis in the development process based on our own opinions and experiences, as well as others related to it, refuting opposing arguments.


The conclusion will be the final part of your essay, which will serve to reinforce the earlier idea.

This part will, on the one hand, summarize the most relevant arguments and, on the other hand, allow us to fully clarify our final position.

The conclusion should be short and concise. This is the part where you will confirm everything that has been said.

Let's imagine that the essay is one page long. In this case, the conclusion would consist of three or four lines. If it was longer, reaching 20 pages, you might need a conclusion of two or three pages.

In a scientific essay, the conclusion conclusively confirms the theory or hypothesis of the introduction.

The argumentative will summarize the main ideas that we want to fix in the reader's mind.

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