Mon 18 Mar 2019


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Where to find stuff

http://microsolidarity.cc is the public site for all documentation. This includes: resources like group process recipes, stories about what happens in crews and congregations, and notes/recordings from conversations about microsolidarity.

Different communities & congregations will have their own local documentation stores.

If you have more resources to share, please feel free to dump them here and I'm happy to clean and sort them :)


I want to collect stories that motivate and support people to start new small group experiments.

If you're in a crew, and you want to help with the storytelling, here's what you can do: take notes. Nothing too heavy, just spend 5 or 10 minutes after each call and record some reflections.

For the early part of the journey, I want to know: how did you find crewmates? how did you agree on a shared **intention? what are your **desired outcomes* from this experiment? do you have a formal process? do you have defined roles? have you committed to a time-limited period? have you got ground rules or boundaries to keep the conversation within safe limits?*

Then, after you finish whatever process you've run, I want to know: what **surprised* you? what change happened for you? what did you learn? what was difficult? how did you keep people engaged? how would you make the next one better?*

Once you have some of these notes, I will love to interview you and publish your story.


john gieryn Mon 25 Mar 2019

@richarddbartlett here's the proto-form for documentation that I had created for the enspiral-verse's crew experiments


john gieryn Mon 25 Mar 2019

I find this thread's invitation to record findings a bit dense... I wish we had something super simple, and preferably a TypeForm, that would be comprised of
- documenting 3-6 key variables (eg, flavor and/or format, duration, cadence, number of people)
- asking people one potent question (two max) to illicit insights

I'd be down to jam on this with someone


Lucia Die Gil Thu 2 May 2019

My question here is what do we want to capture this information for?
- If it is for the better running and higher impact of belonging to a pod, definitely simple and sharp!
- If it is for creating and sharing stories or some analysis of what works and what doesn't, then there may be a need for more in-depth.
I wouldn't make it very heavy to start with, nor for everyone. Simple, straight forward as @coopchange suggests and ask for volunteers to be part of the bigger documentation project.
Also think if/when the pods close, we can ask them for more detailed reflections.


john gieryn Mon 25 Mar 2019

@melinachan rattled off a nice list of key variables:
- duration
- key agreements
- boundaries (this could use some clarifying/ bounding; no pun intended)
- cadence & length
- how the opening (viz, invite) and closing/retro was accomplished


john gieryn Thu 2 May 2019

@nicolaswormser suggested 'format' would be another key variable we might consider including


john gieryn Tue 26 Mar 2019

Hi Fran - wondering if you might share a bit more about the Learning Calls format here? I was intrigued from the bit you shared at the Crews/Pods open space


Richard D. Bartlett Tue 26 Mar 2019



john gieryn Tue 26 Mar 2019

Fran Pick... I just added her to this thread, but can't tag her until she accepts


john gieryn Thu 25 Apr 2019

[ingredient] [starting up] from @richarddbartlett (direct quote):

I had my first call of a new ring today. We were not really sure where to start, so we did a process that one of the [participants] suggested:

Take 5 minutes in silence, think about our little crew being together for 6 weeks or 6 months or whatever, and write down: what do you personally desire, what do you fear, and what are your boundaries. Then we shared those 3 categories of notes in 3 rounds of speaking, followed by a free form conversation to make sense and create some alignment around our intentions and process.