Sat 13 Apr 2019

Opening ceremony

Lozmatron Public Seen by 183

Someone's just planted the seed for me about this... in previous years we've planned to have an opening ceremony. I'm not a performer or a public speaker but would love to see the community come together at the beginning of the event. Are there any humans out there who would be interested in doing this? Are there plans already afoot to do like this? :)


Amandasm Sat 13 Apr 2019

I know of two people who have plans relating to an opening ceremony, Carole B. and Nadaav. I don't know if either of them are on Loomio though?


Graeme McGregor Sun 14 Apr 2019

Nadaav was interested but he's no longer on Loomio as he found it too much, for some reason. Carole B isn't on Loomio either, I don't think, but she's pretty responsive on FB.


Amandasm Wed 17 Apr 2019

So opening ceremony is currently planned for Tuesday evening


Mands Connolly Wed 24 Apr 2019

I don't arrive til Wednesday, I know good few of us rocking up then. Also Carol Billingham posted on FB that she's up for rocking an opening ceremony, but I thought she said Wednesday, which i loved!.


Amandasm Wed 24 Apr 2019

Nadaav had planned to kickstart a co-created opening ceremony on the Tues, then I heard Carole's plans to do something, told both of them to get in touch w each other so we don't have conflicting plans. Don't know what happened after that. But it looks like N can't arrive til Friday anyways so.. Wednesday it is!


Amandasm Wed 24 Apr 2019

Carole is planning some kind of raucus procession on Wed 8pm.. if you have any ideas though don't hesitate to offer them, I'm sure various things could be incorporated collaboratively