Mon 27 Nov 2017

Use #BuyTwitter Slack for #platformcoop organizing?

Danny Spitzberg Public Seen by 124

Friends, two weeks ago in New York City, some 300 participants gathered for the third #platformcoop event. This is the space where ideas like #BuyTwitter get a lot of interest and support, even if they are organized autonomously. In fact, on Saturday, Niloufar I co-hosted a session with 20 people including @elakagel visiting from Berlin, to discuss Terms of Service project (https://www.loomio.org/g/FdPqRDTt/buy-twitter-terms-of-service), and at Sunday's "after party" event, @matthewcropp did another session on TOS.

At both events, a handful of people got on the mic to ask for a place where they could continue the conversations, meet more allies, and collaborate around #platformcoop.

I believe that could be easily facilitated by repurposing the #BuyTwitter Slack.

While we already have a #platformcoop email list (https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/platformcoop-discuss), a Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/platformcoop/), and a Mastadon instance (https://social.coop/about)... none of these seem immediately accessible or useful enough for mass participation. I also recognize that Mattermost/Cloudron have a ways to go to being accessible, too, as was discussed in this Loomio group (see https://www.loomio.org/d/0PavpoLD/use-of-cloudron-and-mattermost). Meanwhile, the #BuyTwitter Slack already has a critical mass of 200+ members - we wouldn't need to create a whole new Slack from scratch.


Danny Spitzberg started a proposal Mon 27 Nov 2017

Repurpose the #BuyTwitter Slack for #platformcoop organizing Closed Tue 28 Nov 2017

by Danny Spitzberg Fri 8 Dec 2017

We're repurposing the Slack! To get organize new channels and get active, I think it could take us just a few days so it's ready for widespread invitations. => If you're interested in helping with that preparation, get in the Slack (and if you need an invite, go to https://ioo.coop/connect)

Proposal to rename the Slack team and invite many more allied members and projects to use it for #platformcoop organizing - while still preserving channels for #BuyTwitter organizing, too.

See full context at https://www.loomio.org/d/pwZou1mE/use-buytwitter-slack-for-platformcoop-organizing

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Samuele Bozzoni
Mon 27 Nov 2017

I love multichannel open networks!


Mon 27 Nov 2017

Slack is the platform of choice to get large groups of people to get stuff done. It's proven itself in many online volunteer disaster relief efforts. We could host an entry point on ioo.coop https://wordpress.org/plugins/invitations-for-slack/


Josh Levinger
Mon 27 Nov 2017

+1 to keep one more Slack from the world


Hailey Cooperrider
Mon 27 Nov 2017

Intuitively it seems like it could be beneficial, if there's good energy for hosting the space. But I haven't been involved enough to feel I can cast a vote


Tue 28 Nov 2017

Anything we can do to keep communication forum's open in this era of #NetNeutrality is both essential and ethical.


Manuela Bosch Mon 27 Nov 2017

I think it is a good idea to use the structures already established. I assume this idea emerged from the plattfrom coop conference? I think some sort of common understanding on who we are and for what purposes slack is intended to serve us will be helpful, so people feel free to use it for organizing. Your proposal inherits a transition process from #buytwitter to #allplattformcoop


Rosen Dimov Mon 27 Nov 2017

I agree with @manuelabosch that it would be nice to have some more information. I was not able to watch the whole recording of the conference so if possible @dannyspitzberg please brief us about the background :)


Niloufar Salehi Wed 29 Nov 2017

I can't vote on this


Nathan Schneider Wed 29 Nov 2017

the proposal has closed.


Danny Spitzberg Fri 8 Dec 2017

How do you join the Slack? Get an auto-invite by entering your email at http://ioo.coop/connect : )


[deactivated account] Tue 23 Jan 2018

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