Wed 12 Feb 2020

Switching Open Collective Hosts

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Nathan Schneider started a proposal Wed 12 Feb 2020

Should Social.coop switch its Open Collective "host" to Platform6? Closed Tue 18 Feb 2020

by Nathan Schneider Tue 18 Feb 2020

This proposal has passed. We will now proceed with the transfer process!

The way our finance platform Open Collective works, every "collective" (that's us) is part of a "host," which provides the legal and financial backend for the collectives that are part of it. We're currently hosted by OC's default host, the Open Collective Host, a US C corp. It charges a 5% fee, in addition to OC's 5% software fee.

We now have another option. Platform6 is a new UK-based co-op in our network that offers host services on Open Collective. This would enable Social.coop to become legally a cooperative, and to support the broader co-op movement more directly. Platform6 also charges a smaller host fee: 2%.

Additional note: This is fairly urgent because Open Collective is shutting down the Open Collective Host, so soon we will not have a legal entity at all.

This proposal passed in the Finance Working Group, which has completed preparatory work and decided that this is the best option among our cchoices. We are ready to make the switch as soon as this is approved.

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Leo Sammallahti
Wed 12 Feb 2020

Conflict of interest (humblebrag), I'm a co-director of Platform6.


Matt Noyes Tue 18 Feb 2020

Thanks for taking care of this!