Introduction Thread For All Members?

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I think it would be a good idea to have an Introduction thread for all members to post in. Somewhere people can post a quick snapshot of themself, doesn't have to be a photo just a sentence about who they are, and what their expectations and hope for the Internet Party are.

Did we have one before?


Tane Harre Tue 9 May 2017

There was this one from a while ago but i seem to remember writing in one as well although I can't find that thread at the moment.


Fred Look Wed 10 May 2017

I am @fredlook a member since 2014 , currently i am your party secretary and so you will also see me as @secretary when I am acting administratively .

I have high hopes for the party in 2017 and feel that behind the scenes things are progressing very nicely. When we come out in campaign mode be ready for quite a ride!
I am Ok with our low profile at this time , The key will be timing, we need to build to a peak on election day, (NOT two weeks before!)
We can do this !

Now is a really good time to renew your membership subscription! they are expiring like flies at the moment because you all joined about this time in 2014


sophia rose byles Wed 10 May 2017

At present I am in this role with another person on Exec Committee. I have been a member since 2014.

Membership is $10 for 2017.

Please Start your renewing AND JOINING as we need to show our decent and modest number of members following through since 2014.

The goal is to be seen as IP A Party that cares about all newzealanders.

Thank you


Jo Booth Wed 10 May 2017

Hi I'm Jo - I'm currently looking after all the Tech for Internet Party - which includes Loomio - you'll occasionally see me at @ipjobooth kick starting loomio threads and doing moderation. I'm also in charge of the website, mobile app, and making tech happen for events - so hit me up if any of our tech needs help or if you want to help with it!

I've been an Internet Party member from the first few Wellington meetups - and been volunteering in the space for a while - keen to see the Awesome again for 2017.


IP Jo Booth started a check Fri 19 May 2017

Check in with Internet Party for 2017! Closed Fri 22 Sep 2017

by IP Jo Booth Fri 22 Sep 2017

Thanks for your support of Internet Party in the past and especially your support this year. Get out and vote, and there's more from the Internet Party to come post election!

Get into it and introduce yourself - what policy or interests do you have and any thoughts, dreams or plans you have for Internet Party in 2017? #InternetPartyPeople are you and I - lets make the awesome happen. (594 to go)

20 - Yes
0 - No

IP Jo Booth
Fri 19 May 2017

I'm here and like to be first. I dream of a connected, innovative, open society - Internet Party can make it happen


Jo Booth
Fri 19 May 2017

Thanks for kicking this off IP Jo. Lets wake this thing up.


Dennis Dorney
Sun 11 Jun 2017

I was an Internet member before the last election but have heard nothing since. Is there a local (Dunedin) Branch I can join?


Paul Chris
Thu 21 Sep 2017

Just watching as a bit shy here :)


John Grant Sat 27 May 2017

Hey Team!

I'm a software developer recently moved to Wellington from Auckland, joined and voted IP in 2014. Checked in on the IP sometime ago and figured I'd have to start some the conversations we had back then with another party. So excited to see that it's back!! And the work you put in so far! Looking forward to this year.

Side note I meet with PM briefly this year and challenged him on automation issues facing our future and our lack of tech understanding in government, he completely missed the point. I asked him to at least seek some advise on it...

My ideals:

I want a future where security and people's rights to privacy are written in to the source code of government. I want the UI of government to be easily understood by all walks of life, transperant but also accessible.

I want a future where we change the conversation of "we don't talk about that" to "have we any information or data on that?".

NZ is a country of firsts, and it is insanity if we continue to keep using the same government ideas to expect change on the issues facing our people. Let's embrace the readily available technology and be another first in a truely connected and open society!

Hope to connect with you all, looking forward to it!

John Grant


Suzie Dawson Sun 28 May 2017

What a fantastic statement. Thanks John!


IP Jo Booth Fri 9 Jun 2017

Welcome along @dartagnan - bring on real-time democracy and hi @chrism1 - you like what we're looking at on youth related policy.

Hi also to Jeff and Alex!


IP Jo Booth Wed 14 Jun 2017

Welcome along @caspiat !


DIGITALIEN Thu 15 Jun 2017

Hello my name is Brendon - or better known around the internet world as Digitalien why? I have no idea to be honest it was something that was brought up one day and like a nickname I just carried it on.

I was born in New Zealand and lived in Wanganui/Whanganui until 1997 when my parents moved to Australia. I for a long time been a supporter of the Internet Party and love the sentiment above by @johngrant and I think he is really spot on.

I will be an avid supporter of the Internet Party heading into the 2017 election, hoping the New Zealand people see and take up their opportunity for change - think Donald Trumps election, Brexit etc and will be doing everything I can to promote the party, its policies to my friends and family and people I know 'back home'.

I am such a big supporter I have already contacted the IP about starting an Australian branch following the 2017 election to bring the fantastic ideas, and 'peoples party' to Australian shores - heaven knows we need something like this over here.

If I can be of any additional assistance please let me know I am here to help.



Daymond Goulder-Horobin Sun 18 Jun 2017

Good idea, I feel like IP could become a Global Thing so it would be awesome to have a branch in Australia too.


DIGITALIEN Sun 18 Jun 2017

I am glad you agree :p I am hoping to help out as much as possible with the 2017 Election and hope in the future my interest will be supported :)


IP Jo Booth Sun 18 Jun 2017

Hi @sielicki - Welcome! You'll be interested to know @jobooth and the Internet Party are on the new TimeBank Aotearoa bank, exploring how alternative resources (like time) can be used for a better New Zealand. Check it out. :nz:


Riley Curran Tue 20 Jun 2017

Hey all!

The name is Riley.

I have long felt that the rapid and ever evolving internet would be the most useful tool in liberating mankind from the grips of greedy elite, global bankers, corrupt politicians, etc. I have watched what happens to those who threaten the Global status quo, whether its Assange being slandered and detained (and most certainly under threat of assassination at any moment), Aaron Schwartz being forced to take his life for simply trying to bring information to those who otherwise would not have had access to it, Seth Rich being murdered for trying to expose a crime syndicate embedded within our political system, or even a political "outsider" like Donald Trump being vilified by the media industrial complex for posing a threat to the globalist agenda (not saying he's a saint, but those who have been paying attention know why the elitists really don't like him).

I believe that heading the formation of an IP of USA chapter is a once in a lifetime opportunity for myself to help design and build a better system for keeping the powers that be in check while creating a powerful network of everyday people who can voice their concerns and come up with solutions to improve the quality of life for our countrymen and perhaps the entire world.

I believe that the U.S. Constitution was a divine blessing for America and the world, and I believe that the Bill of Rights is the most important legal document produced in modern history. THAT BEING SAID- the world needs a better one: a universal digital one that will be honored by all civilized governments of the world and one that will protect the livelihood, liberty, and privacy of all denizens of the Earth. I think the Internet Party will be able to bring such a thing into existence.

I believe many Americans truly want change for the better, and are not seeing the changes we wanted out of a Trump Presidency due to a soft coup resistance led by Globalists that have infiltrated and embedded themselves in the American Political System. I want the forgotten people of my country to be given a voice if our President is ever unable to do so, and I want for that voice to be heard and never silenced again. I believe we can have a chapter of the Internet Party here in America that is consistent with American values and our Constitution, but that still focuses on bringing about positive change and restoring knowledge, power, and freedom to those that have been deprived of it in our corrupt system of mercantilism.

I hope that my vision of what the Internet Party can be here in America is consistent or similar to what all of you have for the Internet Party in your respective parts of the world, and I hope that where different countries have different needs we can address those needs locally, independently and uniquely while counting on the support from the International Internet Party.

I know this is to be an introductory thread but lets open up a discussion about what everyone else' vision is for the Internet Party, shall we? I would hate to type out this lengthy intro without hearing where everyone's views differ or align with my own.

Also, I'd like to thank Suzie, Jo, and Kimdotcom for sharing the Internet Party with the rest of the world; there is incredible potential to really make a positive difference in the world and to bring people together that will build a better future. Thanks all!



Felixinthemix Wed 21 Jun 2017

Hi my name is Felix, and im a coordinator for the IP UK.

I have been very concerned recently about the kind of data government and commercial tech industries are collecting on us, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to join forces with the Internet Party who have an impressive team already campaigning strongly about these issues in New Zealand. It seems obvious to me that the Internet Party will grow strong roots internationally, because these are very important issues that affect the whole world, and I'm very grateful to the founders of the New Zealand Internet Party for extending their support to countries around the world who would like to see an Internet Party in their own country... you guys are awesome!

Over the coming days and weeks I will be doing outreach to journalists and campaigners in the UK to see if they will be interested in supporting an Internet Party for Great Britain.

Hopefully you will see more and more activity on our twitter and loomio subgroup as the word spreads!
You can follow us on Twitter @UKInternetParty.

I look forward to meeting you all one day and working together to make the world a better place.




Suzie Dawson Wed 21 Jun 2017

Felix - the UK IP Bill, Aussie Data Retention Act, USA Freedom Act and Canada's CSEC changes all had their genesis in the 2013 GCSB Bill (and the TICS Bill) in New Zealand. New Zealand was the guinea pig population for all the horrific legislation that has since followed. I strongly suggest you look into the history of the GCSB movement in New Zealand. You won't have to dig far through my past writing to have a good starting point as my past work on this is heavily sourced. Try contraspin.co.nz and type "GCSB" in the search bar. It is possible for us to resist these acts but only by creating alternative political structures like IP because the major parties just sell out (literally) our populations over and over again.

Thank you for joining!



Colin England Sun 25 Jun 2017

I have been very concerned recently about the kind of data government and commercial tech industries are collecting on us,

I'm more concerned with what the corporations are collecting on us than government. The government is, at least theoretically, accountable to us whereas the corporations aren't.

Of course, that does mean that we need to put in place proper processes and protocols to prevent government from doing anything malicious with the data that they have.


ben cooney Sun 25 Jun 2017

Hi team! Long time watcher long time supporter. I was a hardened supporter last election who skirted on the edges and supported massivly vua occupy auckland where i am or was the media coordinator.
Im firmly of the left thru and thru. I work for an i.s.p doing teir 2 tech support and have a vast nedia background via being a crew member in film and tv and also a vj at many a rave. I was also Aorearoas first live streamer a.k.a #Redstar309Z.

I am a plan b person ala nigel latta and john campbells recent offering "what next" (this in my opinion is a mega indication that the time is right for some radical change... If you didnt watch it you should and we should capitalise on the message there in.
I see that here in Aotearoa we have slowly but surly been pillaged by right wing shock doctrine. . We must fight back we must take our place. We must depose the babyboomers who for the most part have created a society of stagnation and inequality. I firmly believe that we must up end the apple cart from below... We must rise like lions we must shake the shackles from us heavy like morning dew as we are the many and they are the few!


ben cooney Sun 25 Jun 2017

Sorry for typos


David Sutton Sun 16 Jul 2017

Saw this at the Banksy exhibition in Tauranga a few weeks ago. Something to keep in mind.


Mathew Innes Mon 24 Jul 2017

Hi, I'm Renton Innes, a passionate scientific researcher dedicated to protein design, i have no formal qualifications other than school C science, otherwise I am Streetwise rather than Institutionalized and take pride that, not having to pretend i am an expert in anything that was taught by others believing they are somehow more qualified than others using qualifications to justify it. I am a retired muay thai boxer. I used to work in Germany for BMW group as an international project manager for New Markets. Assisting in the setting up of subsidiaries communications around the world with the team. Computers have been my life, started when I was 10 years old and worked in the industry here(building computers for companies like pc direct etc etc) from the time i left school at 16 years old. I do not vote, never have and probably never will. I don't believe in politics but rather Science. fact vs fiction. my interests are in doing everything i can to support new zealand evolve and provide a clean green future for our children. my mother before she died of a brain tumor founded Lollipops Educare, thus my focus on drug design to one day prevent other people from suffering like i did after her death. i dont rely on anyone making change but myself and anyone like minded, supporting them with their dreams or aspirations. I founded the German Touch Rugby Association in 2002 and played for the german team after being removed from new zealand with my ex german wife with a 2, then 5 year ban for fighting agasint it. She worked for the music industry, (RIANZ) and i was hired to track down illegally coped music, after i released a article in the news paper i was dropped and within three months removed with my wife ( i am a kiwi born here) i hope i can be of some asset to your team, and maybe struggling to understand this site, but hope i can provide some kind of insights or enlighted someone to change new zealand for the better too. :-)


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Ahoy! We're WPRPN's "flagship" - The Robin Hood.


thx 4 the invite @satorid


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Salut! @pirateradiopodcasts Je me vous souviens


IP Jo Booth Thu 18 Jul 2019

Welcome along to the new members - at present we don’t have funds to turn on all the Loomio welcome lights - but do have a browse.