Change functionality of the #Followed tags menu

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At the moment, clicking '#Followed tags' in the left side-bar brings up the list of followed tags in the side-bar, and a stream comprising posts including any of the followed tags.

Clicking on one of these tags in the side-bar currently takes you to that tag page. There's no means in diaspora* of filtering posts by multiple tags.

I'd like it if this menu used the same functionality as that of the My Aspects menu, in which clicking individual aspects toggles that aspect. In this way a user could select/deselect individual tags, and see a stream filtered by multiple tags.

If a user wanted to visit a tag's page, they could click on that tag in a post, just as they can at the moment. But clicking the tags in the menu list would produce different behaviour.

Filtering by multiple tags is a feature I see requested an awful lot, and this would be a way to implement this. My hope is that, because it would be mimicking the behaviour of the My Aspects menu, that the coding to do this is already in place and can be copied to the '#Followed Tags' menu without much difficulty.

What would be even better, but possibly harder to implement, would be if there were three positions for each tag: ON (tag must be included in post), OFF (disregard this tag), NOT (tag must not be present in post). In this way a user could effectively search for posts containing, for example, #bug but not #diaspora.

The ON and OFF positions could be denoted as they are in My Aspects: ON by text in bold and a tick to the left; OFF by absence of tick and text in light type. The NOT position could be denoted perhaps by text in bold and a cross to the left. The cross, and perhaps the text, could even be in red to make it more obvious.

'Select/deselect all' could be added to the top of the list of tags, just as it is for the list of aspects.

What do you think?


Shmerl Mon 12 Aug 2013 3:52PM

Yes, it's a very useful proposal. Basically, allow multiple select for followed tags in the interface.

For a more general proposal which covers this as a subset and also includes search, see: https://www.loomio.org/discussions/4631

There were almost no comments there, so it seems very few are interested in this subject.


Elm Mon 4 Nov 2013 7:28AM

I agree : better tags list would be a plus. There could also be some kind of alias for a specified sets of tags : like in Libertree (go and try Libertree to see the most advanced tags/keywords/account filter/manager !)


Maciek Łoziński Mon 18 Nov 2013 11:10AM

Some discussion and ideas about the subject can also be found in this topic: https://www.loomio.org/discussions/3256