Fri 5 Jan 2018

OSF-GS indexing

Dasapta Erwin Irawan Public Seen by 392

Hello all.
I'm not sure if it's directly relevant to EarthArxiv users, as there's no report so far from the users, but with all preprint services connected to the same OSF server, the same problem could occur to EarthArxiv.

So at INArxiv, the GS indexing went smooth from August to November 2017. But in December 2017, there are some reports from many authors (10 authors) who submitted their work through US found
their works to no longer be indexed, or gone missing from the Google
Scholar system, or their profile page. For this problem, I've sent an email to OSF support (replied by Nici) saying that the problem was on GS' side. Then one of our team sent an email to Alex Verstak, and here's his response. Any thoughts?

Hi Surya,
I assume you're referring to URLs like these:
They don't meet our technical inclusion guidelines:
1. No metatags:
2. Not discoverable by crawlers:
- sitemap doesn't include them: https://osf.io/sitemaps/sitemap_index.xml
- view-source shows no content and no links to PDF; it's all rendered by JS which crawlers don't support.
I recommend to ask the developers of osf.io to implement our inclusion guidelines. I can't tell if they used to have these things but changed them, or if they never did. As far as I can see, their current website isn't compatible with Google Scholar; it isn't technically possible for us to index it comprehensively.


Christopher Jackson Sat 6 Jan 2018

Hi Dasapta! Sounds like you need to take contact with OSF directly. I've cc'd @mattspitzer here so he can point you in the right direction. Chris


Dasapta Erwin Irawan Sat 6 Jan 2018

Thank you Chris.


Tom Narock Mon 29 Jan 2018

Hi @dasaptaerwinirawan, I was curious and wanted to follow up on this. Do you know if this issue was ever resolved?