Fri 7 Oct 2016

Buy a domain name?

Kirsten Lambertsen Public Seen by 368

While BuyTwitter.com is already taken, of course, there are some available options and I'd be happy to foot the cost.

LetsBuyTwitter.com is available for example.

You can see other .xxx 's that are available here:

BuyTwitter.club seems almost fitting. But I tend to reflexively want .com domains due to years of brainwashing that .com is the only to get ;)


Josef Davies-Coates Fri 7 Oct 2016

Twitter.coop is available (but expensive)


Nathan Schneider Fri 7 Oct 2016

Thanks for this. It might be better to first identify a name for the broader project the includes but extends beyond #BuyTwitter. Given that we're about to commit to that model, I think we should start working on a name that's more appropriate to the more generalized approach. Within that, #BuyTwitter would be just our first campaign. (Also posted this here.)


Kirsten Lambertsen Fri 7 Oct 2016

Sure. I think, though, that names for the broader project will be easier to get than any BuyTwitter names. So I was just trying to grab them before the trolls notice us.


Kirsten Lambertsen Fri 7 Oct 2016

OwnTwitter.com is available


Priscilla Grim Fri 7 Oct 2016

Own twitter.com ( http://twitter.com ) +1


Kirsten Lambertsen Fri 7 Oct 2016

Bought it :-P Happy to donate it if/when we have an entity to which I can do that.


Wolfgang Maehr Fri 7 Oct 2016


I'd say it should be at least a .org and not a .com.

It looks like twitter-coop.org is available.

Alternatively I saw that commons.holdings is free, so it could be twitter.commons.holdings. :)



Thomas Euler Fri 7 Oct 2016

I'm not sure and I hate to be a spoilsport but I'd be really careful with buying any domain that contains 'twitter' as it might violate trademark laws and could get kinda expensive...


Sam Toland Fri 7 Oct 2016

Worst case they can do a UDRP trademark application and claim it. Only cost will be the cost of the .com

But important thing to think about.