Tue 14 Jan 2020

WeCo Community Grant - WeCo donates 1$/week per social coop user who has posted in WeCo that week

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WeCo is a platform cooperative social media site. 

It’s similar to Reddit, but it has polling tools and more sophisticated categorisation of posts.

Here is a video demonstrating how WeCo works.

We are providing funding for online communities that want to become early adopters.

If you register to WeCo, we will donate 1$ to Social Coop for every week that you have made at least one post. It can be about anything - you can share a link about geology, a funny video, a song you like, etc. If you do not know what category to post it, just share it on the main wall and we will add it to the right category. We have a category for Social Coop here.

This enables non-techie Social Coop folks to raise funds to pay for the tech team. If we can find 20 people who share at least one link per week to WeCo, it will mean over a 1000$ more funds for Social Coop every year.

Joining as an user is free, if you want to become a member-owner, you can do it in our Open Collective here. If you are able to contribute as a software developer, you gain free membership.

We have two software developers who can both work at least few hours a week. Don’t be shy in proposing new features and other improvements to the site here. Feel free to also join our Discord chat group.


Leo Sammallahti started a check Tue 14 Jan 2020

Can you participate in Social Coop fundraising by posting to WeCo? Closed Sat 7 Mar 2020

WeCo will donate 1$/week for every Social Coop member who has joined WeCo and shared at least one link that week. If we can find 20 people who share at least one link per week to WeCo, it will mean over a 1000$ more funds for Social Coop every year. The details about this are here. If you can participate (not necessarily every week), please check in this vote and let me know what your username in WeCo is.

11 - Yes
2 - No

Wed 15 Jan 2020

username: ditchlily


Jonathan Bean
Wed 15 Jan 2020

Username: Jon_Manifesteer


Matthew Cropp
Thu 13 Feb 2020

un: carbonpenguin

A question: how do you only view content from the branches you've followed?


Michel Alexandre Salim
Fri 14 Feb 2020

username: michel-slm

Huh, just realized I've had an account for a while and it's been dormant. Will try and shift my activity there


Luke Opperman
Mon 24 Feb 2020



emi do
Mon 24 Feb 2020

username: emmmmee


Danyl Strype
Sat 7 Mar 2020

Sure, I'm constantly sharing links on the fediverse. I don't mind doing it on WeCo too if it helps social.coop


Bob Haugen Thu 16 Jan 2020

username: bohaugen


Leo Sammallahti Fri 14 Feb 2020

@Matthew Cropp We will soon make it easier, but currently you have to click on "profile" and it opens on the right side.


Matt Noyes Fri 14 Feb 2020

username mnoyes


Ron Gaydos Fri 14 Feb 2020

I may be late, but yes. This is a good idea to raise visibility and funds.


Leo Sammallahti Fri 14 Feb 2020

I reopened it, and thanks. Yeah I hope this can be a win-win.