February 19th, 2015 21:43

Balance between local and international speakers

Dan Milward
Dan Milward Public Seen by 272

This morning I was having breakfast with some of the Automatician's that are here for Webstock and I had a crack at pitching them OSOS.

The first question I got was "so did Github get all the speaking slots for being a sponsor? what is local about it?"

We all agreed that local is something lacking from Webstock. Which is just a business requirement. No surprises there.

We joked around and I said don't worry its probably 1 github speaker followed by 1 local speaker, type of thing. I have no idea.

We all also agreed that Ben was probably the biggest draw card at the moment.

This is nothing but raw cut to the chase feedback from representatives from a big OS company. Food for thought!!!


Dan Milward

Dan Milward February 19th, 2015 21:47

Oh yeah. To that end I was thinking about it and one OS talk I'd love to see is the Loomio talk - not about what Loomio does (because that is obvious) but the OS community it has fostered and how it is being developed and used. That would be incredibly interesting... to me :D

Alanna Irving

Alanna Irving February 19th, 2015 21:49

There are going to be heaps and heaps of local speakers! For practical reasons, we had to confirm the people coming in from overseas first. But once the program is confirmed, it will be a more or less even split among the keynotes between local and international, with heaps more local people leading breakout sessions and workshops.

Thanks for bringing this up - mostly I think this is down to us not communicating this well in our comms and on the website yet.

Dan Milward

Dan Milward February 19th, 2015 21:52


I was really nervous posting that. Definitely not an attack and I agree with you about it being a comms thing :)

I wonder if it makes sense to add something at the bottom of the page "local speakers to be announced soon"....

Fuel the mystery ;)

Alanna Irving

Alanna Irving February 19th, 2015 21:54

@simonjarvis @anthonycabraal can we add a note as @danmilward mentioned making it clear that we're confirming local speakers and will be announcing them soon?


Jaco van der Merwe February 19th, 2015 21:55

That kinda rings with some of the criticism I've heard - that it not end up as a GitHub vendor-pitch

Silvia Zuur

Silvia Zuur February 19th, 2015 23:52

@danmilward Thanks for your feedback. Points noted and as @alanna points out we are aware and moving in that direction.

Right now I can confirm local speakers from the following local organisations and businesses (I can't say names yet - as I am still waiting on some confirmations):

  • SilverStripe
  • Enspiral
  • Springload
  • LINZ
  • Koha
  • Dragonfly
  • WikiNZ
  • Craftworks
  • MoNZ
  • and more.....

Looking forward to announcing son (as soon as I have confirmed yes's and profile photos...)


Jaco van der Merwe February 19th, 2015 23:56

Good lineup!
I recognise quite a few names there :)

Dan Milward

Dan Milward February 20th, 2015 00:07

And Gamefroot ;)


Jaco van der Merwe February 26th, 2015 04:05

Looking at the line-up, I'm assuming it's a single stream?
Going on past events, I really like/prefer single streams for speaker sessions, going on events like KiwiCon

Silvia Zuur

Silvia Zuur February 26th, 2015 19:45

@jacovandermerwe it will be a mix - some all attendees - sometimes streams based on topic - some streams based on level of experience