Curtin University - Request for Community and Peer Advisors

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Curtin University has been funded by Healthway to conduct a research project titled Journey to Home project. This exploratory research aims to identify the unique needs of CaLD populations who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in WA and who may have experienced or be at risk for mental health problems and social isolation and make recommendations for interventions and services that are provided in a culturally appropriate, holistic and equitable way. The research will inform approaches to increase access to secure housing and improve mental health outcomes for CaLD people who are vulnerable to or experiencing homelessness. The project is governed by a Research Steering Group (RSG) which is made up of representatives from community agencies working with CaLD health and social services, those working in homelessness and mental health, government stakeholders and researchers.


The project is seeking approximately four community and peer advisors (CaPAG) to work with the research team and RSG members. We are specifically seeking people from CaLD backgrounds who have experience in migrating to Australia and navigating housing/homelessness and/or mental health services in Western Australia. The purpose of the CaPAG is to ensure research is conducted with end-users, appropriate to community needs and facilitates community ownership. The group will provide feedback on the appropriateness of research materials, provide advice regarding recruitment, interpretation of data, and co-designed recommendations. Members of this group will be reimbursed for their time.


If you are interested in being involved in the project as a community and peer advisor, please contact Kahlia McCausland at Kahlia.mccausland@curtin.edu.au