Wed 9 Jun 2021

Lease soilcitors - London

TBC Tatiana Baskakova, Ceramics, Ldn Public Seen by 130

Hello everyone, we are on the course of changing premises for Ceramics Coop and looking for a lease solicitor. Can someone here recommend someone good to us? We are negotiating with a private landlord on the industrial estate in South London. Thank you.


PollyRobbinsOutlandish Wed 9 Jun 2021

Yes yes yes I can recommend Caroline Wilson at Wrigley's solicitors, she just did ours and was amazing!

I will send you her direct contact over email.



Jim Wild Wed 9 Jun 2021

I was going to say Wrigley’s have always been a good choice for third sector and coops.


Thank you @PollyRobbinsOutlandish, thank you, @Jim Wild really appreciate your help. 🙏