How to make good mouth and nose masks

Adam Bates Public Seen by 8

Straight off the bat, this is the most useful resource I've found so far I think though you might have to dig for a couple of mins for most relevant links:

  • Tweet about woefully lacking standards of NHS PPE


Sophie Passmore Tue 28 Apr 2020

When it comes to sewing fabric face masks our group have found the following: 1. There should be a clear inside and outside to the mask, ie different coloured fabric on inside and outside. This helps the user to differentiate easily. 2. Include a pocket for a filter. This way the user can add a non-woven layer eg. kitchen towel, which can be removed before washing. 3. It is very helpful if fasteners, eg. elastic loops or fabric ties are removable for adjustment/replacement if desiered/needed. Sophie, Facebook/groups/MaskMakersUK