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Pirate Praveen
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We should have a permanent page to collect funds. We can add crowd funding details once we launch it. Right now we can direct users to buy us gandi.net credits.

Pirate Praveen

Pirate Praveen March 10th, 2016 18:37

@elakiyasamuel can you design a page following the same theme of poddery.com?

You can find the source code for the landing page at https://github.com/savepoddery/poddery.com

Currently content can be just:

Buy Gandi.net credits: and link to https://www.gandi.net/credit/handle?handle=MKT10-GANDI

Add these steps as an alternative method (hidden by default)

  1. Visit https://www.gandi.net/credit/buy
  2. Select a pack and submit
  3. Change handle to MKT10-GANDI and submit.
  4. Complete payment

Later when we launch our indiegogo campaign we'll use that as first option.