Sun 20 Jul 2014 8:02PM

Renovation of the Settings menu

T Theatre-X Public Seen by 81


It occurred to me that the " Allow for people to search for you within diaspora*" option in the Profile part of the Settings menu would make more sense under the Privacy menu in the Settings since it deals WITH privacy.

What do you all think? I'm hacking at it now with my local copy of D* just to play around. :)


[deactivated account] Sun 20 Jul 2014 8:25PM

Sounds reasonable.

What about the 'Automatically share with users who start sharing with you' setting? Not sure about that one, but yes, your suggestion makes sense to me!


Theatre-X Sun 20 Jul 2014 8:39PM

I think that should go under Privacy as well @rich1


Steffen van Bergerem Mon 21 Jul 2014 8:33AM

Pablo Cubico has started porting the settings pages to Bootstrap and I'd say we should wait until he finished. The settings pages definitely need some structure. We could move the settings nav to the left and think of some more suitable sections.


Flaburgan Mon 21 Jul 2014 8:56AM

I always found the privacy section kind of empty. I also think that this setting should be moved there.


goob Mon 21 Jul 2014 10:38AM

I think this can be part of a wider discussion about redesigning and reorganising the settings view. At the moment, the Privacy tab only contains ignored users, which aren't really to do with privacy in any case.

Theatre-X, if you agree, would you mind altering your discussion title to reflect a wider discussion about reorganising the settings view? Then we can do everything on this one discussion, which can include the specific point you raised.


Theatre-X Tue 22 Jul 2014 2:37AM

Good call @goob. Changing.


Theatre-X Tue 22 Jul 2014 2:56AM

I drew out on paper my vision of what the Settings menu ought to look like. I'll have to find it and scan it immediately. It was a really good look and had some awesome flow to it.

I've been dorking around with the Privacy menu and keep getting an error when I glomb the code over it gives me crap for something else not existing in that Privacy menu code:

"undefined local variable or method `profile' for #<#Class:0x00000008a33600:0x000000085a6678>"

Here's a screenshot of it: https://diasp.org/uploads/images/scaled_full_2db2ab197061d53d3032.png


goob Tue 22 Jul 2014 10:17AM

We should keep Loomio for discussions about what direction the project (and features of the software) should go in. Requests for help with using it, or with code, should be done elsewhere. You could do it in Diaspora itself, or via diaspora-dev in IRC. Otherwise discussions here very quickly get muddied and it's hard to get clear discussion on the issues and make decisions.

Once a decision has been agreed about how the settings view should be changed, and you've got some code as a work-in-progress, you could open a pull request in Github, but it's best not to do that for initial playing around.


Flaburgan Tue 22 Jul 2014 1:20PM

@goob do you have something in mind about that settings page? I don't see what we should change apart those privacy settings.


Theatre-X Thu 24 Jul 2014 3:22AM

I agree with @flaburgan. Is there anything on the mind @goob? Also, I'll throw some Q's at Diaspora itself and the dev irc :)

I also think we should move that " Mark everything I share as NSFW" into Privacy as well. What's everyone else's thoughts on that?


goob Thu 24 Jul 2014 11:38AM

I've nothing specific in mind, but I think it's always valuable when thinking about changing one thing to look at the broader picture, and see how that one change might fit into a revise scheme.

I don't think NSFW has anything to do with privacy. It's more to do with 'safety' (although not really that) of other people. You're not restricting your audience by using NSFW, just screening the content from other people unless they choose to view it.


Theatre-X Sat 26 Jul 2014 5:53PM

Would anyone object to me drawing out my idea by hand?


[deactivated account] Sun 27 Jul 2014 5:22AM

Nope, go for it!