June 3rd, 2019 07:45

Urgent Support Needed. Thanks!

Jeff Regino
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[For people on Facebook]

PlatformX will be a platform co-op hybrid using the FairShares multi-stakeholder model.

Can you please help? This will only take one Like and ONE second of your time.

Please help by visiting the post below -- Like it and ideally read it.

Thank you!


Jeff Regino

Jeff Regino June 6th, 2019 09:31

Thanks to everyone here who helped!

We didn't win, but becoming a finalist and almost winning was a great experience for a first timer like me.

I also got invited by Prof. Trebor Scholz to present at the Platform Cooperative Conference in New York this coming November. If I can get a US visa, I'd likely attend.

If you want to support PlatformX's creation through crowdfunding and/or investment, please share with your friends and visit this page (a work in progress):

Thank you!