Thu 5 Oct 2017

Does the dashboard communicate effectively through visualisation?

Steven Ensslen Public Seen by 410

How can the information display be improved to communicate more effectively?


Steven Ensslen Thu 5 Oct 2017

I started this thread, so I have a few ideas. First, I am most concerned not with the current status of open data, but with the speed of change and the direction of acceleration of change. The dashboard as is does not display time or make comparisons. I propose a line chart of % yes responses aggregated by focus area with time on the X-axis to address this.


Steven Ensslen Thu 5 Oct 2017

Another improvement is that displaying the main graphic as a table introduces range compression and boundary exaggeration problems. The range compression problem is that we don't distinguish between 51% yes and 100% yes. The boundary exaggeration is that we visualise as though 49% yes and 51% yes are fundamentally different. I will suggest that a "timeline"-style graph with the actual measurement on the X axis and the datapoints in bubbles above and below would be an improvement over the table. Examples at https://www.smartdraw.com/timeline/


Jocelyn Morrison Thu 5 Oct 2017

The problem we have at the moment is that we only have one time period, but will definitely include a time dimension when we run the survey again. Thanks for your suggestions - they'll help us decide how to show next year's results.


David Fri 20 Oct 2017

For the purposes of demonstrating the prototype's capabilities to convey future performance trends over time, it would be helpful to load some dummy data (with such status clearly indicated).