Loomio's Zapier integration

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Hey product folks!

I've just had a request for a way to post a Loomio thread for each response to a google form; we get fairly common requests like this for simple integrations like 'When something happens in , a should start in Loomio', or vice versa.

Fortunately, we can totally do this, using the excellent Zapier integration service.

Here's how to do it:

1. Visit this link for access to Loomio's (currently invite-only) Zapier app:


2. Select the app you'd like to be the initiator of the integration, and a 'trigger' (an action that a user takes to initiate the integration)

^ in this case, I've selected our Community Application google form, which will trigger whenever a new submission is posted

3. Select the app you'd like to perform an action in when the trigger happens, and provide which fields of the trigger should be ported over to the action and how:

^ In this case, I've taken particular columns of the google form, and ported them into the 'title' and 'description' field of the new thread. The group key and privacy are static, meaning the newly created discussion will be in a particular group, and private, regardless of the contents of the form submission.

That's all there is!

We currently have support for starting discussions in Loomio as an action, and and reading your notifications as a trigger, but I'll be able to put in any action or trigger you so desire with fairly little effort, so if you're looking for something else please let me know below.

We've been using this internally for some time now and it works really well; I'd love to hear what your workflows are and how we might be able to accommodate them.

:heart: !


Matthew Bartlett Sun 20 May 2018



Richard Foxworthy Wed 23 May 2018

I'm keen to play with this @gdpelican - tried the link but Zapier gives me a 'page not found' error - presumably because I don't have an invitation? Can I use Zapier integrations with my own install of Loomio? I'm keen to explore how this could help with usecases like connecting Loomio activity with external platforms especially Rocket.chat, similar to what you already can support for Slack


James Kiesel Wed 23 May 2018

Ah, I've updated the link now, sorry about that.

Other installs is possible, but will require a bit more leg work (we'll need to convert our web-based Zapier app to a CLI-based one, which I'm in the process of doing in any case).

I know Zapier supports some Rocket.chat actions; are you looking for 'when a comment happens in a group, send it to a channel'?


Richard Foxworthy Wed 23 May 2018

We've been using custom RC integrations using Zapier's generic webhook capability, rather than Zapier's pre-rolled RC integrations, which we've found to be pretty convenient and flexible.

I really want to replicate into RC most/all of your existing Slack integrations - keen to have a play and see how far we can get using RC <--> Zapier <--> Loomio integrations. Maybe we should be playing with your Webhooks plugin instead? Could not find any docs on this...

And I'm also keen to explore what I think might be an additional piece of functionality beyond what your Slack integration already does, which is to ahve the bot individually DM vote participants when they are late to vote. In our usecases there is often need to chase up participants and prompt them to cast their vote.


James Kiesel Tue 29 May 2018

Cool, I can help with these use cases some I think. I've just finished converting to a Zapier CLI app, and adding the 'create decision' action; I could likely do a trigger for new thread item anywhere in a group next, which would allow for some replication of the slack functionality.


Renato Caliari Wed 1 May 2019

Hi there!

I'm trying to use this Zapier integration but I'm getting an error ('Bad Request'). This error happens even when I try other values for each field. I also tried Group ID (number) instead of Group Key, but the error remains.

My plan is to create a topic every Friday in a specific group.

Am I doing something wrong?


Antti 'Jogi' Poikola Wed 27 Nov 2019

Page does not exist when trying to sign from Zapier to Loomio


Rob Guthrie Wed 27 Nov 2019

Hi, can you tell me about what you were wanting to do with the Zapier integration? It's currently disabled, but we can invest in restoring it if we have some paying customers wanting to use it.