Wed 11 Sep 2019

How online media moderators build innovative solutions to problems of scale with the past as a guide

martin ➬ Public Seen by 176

Just came across this interesting article of a friend of mine: https://mako.cc/copyrighteous/how-discord-moderators-build-innovative-solutions-to-problems-of-scale-with-the-past-as-a-guide . Happy to make an introduction if you want to know more. cc. @Rob Guthrie @Michael Elwood-Smith @Richard D. Bartlett


Rob Guthrie Thu 12 Sep 2019

Thanks @martin ➬, interesting read. Not sure I want to take any action regarding this right now though.


martin ➬ Fri 13 Sep 2019

No worries. Just thought it would be of interest, came without an expectation to act.