Fri 7 Feb 2020

Connecting with other people interested in Microsolidarity

Richard D. Bartlett Public Seen by 96

Hey folks, there is a slowly growing list of 70+ really interesting people in this group. I feel there is a lot of potential sitting here, which could be activated at any moment!

I wanted to be explicit: I am not planning to lead a lot of community engagement, at least not yet. I am busy getting my business in order, doing R&D for microsolidarity, and publishing whatever I learn. When people approach me with interest in the topic, I direct them to this group.

My invitation to you all is: please feel free to self-organise! If you want to host discussions, have a virtual meetup, pair up to share research, find people to meet in your local area... all of that sounds good!

I just wanted to clarify that you shouldn't wait for me to initiate something here, and open the floor for anyone that has energy to animate the potential in this group 馃帳


Joe Lightfoot Wed 13 May 2020

Weaving and gardening tend to be the two metaphors I lean on the most. I'd be interested in expanding this repertoire though. I find it to be definitely as much as an art as it is a science.

I like the term orchestrating, or playing the role of Orchestrator, as getting lots of different sounds into harmony seems to fit the bill quite nicely. Although occasionally I have been lovingly accused of being (and often times also appreciated for) being more of a 'Puppet Master' than anything else, especially in the early stages.

How about you @Joshua Glass ? Got any words or terms up your sleeves?


Jacob Karlsson Mon 11 May 2020

When doing lower level/more detail stuff I like "Community gardening"


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 6 May 2020

One of my elders Billy Matheson calls it social process design. Also I'm in a group of 'community weavers'. I like both those phrases.


Joshua Glass Wed 6 May 2020

Question: what do we call the art of building community and creating Microsolidarity (e.g. social design, community work ...)? What are some words you've used to describe this medium of work?


Marek Koys Wed 8 Apr 2020

Hi guys, it seems I joined the party a little bit late. Nevertheless, I'm based in Hong Kong, and I am an active facilitator in the local community of social entrepreneurs. Lately, I have been invited to lead the change in restructuring the group into a more decentralized, self-organized organism with a focus on micro-solidarity. Richard's articles and book become extremely valuable in my practice and I just find out there is a Loomio thread, so I'll be happy to participate in the ongoing research and discussion around this topic. I saw you already Started with Virtual Meetup for Microsolidarity. If you don't mind, I would still like to chime in?


Rashid Owoyele Tue 18 Feb 2020

I am sorry that I am late, but I do want this! I am in Berlin and just starting my PhD on topics related to Microsolidarity and cooperatives (platform and otherwise). Since I am in Berlin and doing this as part of my work, it would be nice for me to have this during working hours (10am to 6pm CEST)


Jacob Karlsson Sun 16 Feb 2020

I'm in Barcelona until and including wednesday, if anyone is in town I'd love to meet! :)


Ria Baeck Thu 13 Feb 2020

So, here I am again with some more information.
(and to Rich, I might live closer to Maastricht than some of the Art of Hosting (AoH) hosts that you know! I'm actually only one hour away by car I think)

As Rich mentioned AoH in your conversation, I'm one of the senior trainers - stewards as we call them in our global network.
So far, I could make all the dates, with a slight preference for the second weekend in May. Maybe the only problem could be my age? I could definitely be your mom!! and maybe I am too serious??? But I have always worked on the edge of things...


Joshua Glass Thu 13 Feb 2020

Woohoo! How lovely to read your response, Ria. I've actually stumbled upon some of your writings and podcasts as well, so I have a sense that I somewhat know you already :)
Let me know when you've had the moments to read through in more depth, and perhaps we can meet for a call (if not a luxurious in-person tea).

I'll reach out via Loomio private message to share my contact details.


Ria Baeck Wed 12 Feb 2020

Hello folks!
I'm living in Belgium, not too far from Maastricht - I know Richard and his ideas quite good... I will read tomorrow a bit more and more in depth, but I am surely interested to help facilitating!!


Josh Fairhead Mon 10 Feb 2020

I dig the moon-thly meme personally! We have a hub network booting up that will have an updates call every full 馃寱 (pattern established yesterday). If we do follow such a pattern it would be great to do it on new moon as we are finishing the previous months harmonisation and entering discovery mode again! :)

Historical note; the industrial revolution was kick-started by loosely coupled lunatics meeting moon-thly as well!



Markus Koller
Fri 14 Feb 2020

+1 for mo(o)nthly


Pascal Hazeleger
Fri 14 Feb 2020

Monthly would be great


Patrick Campbell
Mon 10 Feb 2020

Monthly would also work for me


Connor Turland
Sun 9 Feb 2020

This sounds a bit meta... Meeting to discuss micro solidarity, not to practice microsolidarity. Likely that's far too oversimplified a thought. Anyways, I am interested in both a discussion on microsolidarity as a topic, as well as an exploration and experiment in the practice of it.


Ronen Hirsch
Sun 9 Feb 2020

once a month sounds good to me too


Richard D. Bartlett
Sun 9 Feb 2020

monthly, or moonthly would work for me :)


Josh Fairhead
Sat 8 Feb 2020

With limited capacity, yes. I'd make a monthly discussion but weekly would be too much overhead.


Drew Hornbein started a check Fri 7 Feb 2020

Do you want to participate in an online discussion? Closed Fri 14 Feb 2020

by Drew Hornbein Sun 16 Feb 2020

Looks like we have 12 interested people, which would be a nice size for a crew. Next I'll start a discussion about how we want to format the discussion, then we'll use the tools here to decide dates and time.

Discussion thread: https://www.loomio.org/d/sDcm4Tx7/online-discussion-group-what-could-it-be-

Would you be interested in joining a regular meeting online around the topic of #microsolidarity?

The format, frequency, and time can be figured out later (we have amazing tools here on loomio for that). Right now I want to gauge if you would participate in something. Should I put the effort into coordinating this?

You have 1 week to decide.

12 - Yes
0 - No