Tue 20 Aug 2019

8/21-22/19: Realtors 2nd #IOiSummit / Pitch: Innovation, Opportunity, Investment

Bill Wendel Public Seen by 187

Anyone attending NAR's 2nd innovation / pitch contest in Seattle over the next few days? Have deconstructed the #iOiSummit agenda, overlaying it on an alphabetized list of keywords from #ICLV19 last month. Like some of the topics and hope a stream of Tweets flows from the event to see what people are saying about personal data, privacy, open standards, policies to increase housing supply, and predictive analytics. Which sessions catch your attention? What gaps do you see?


Not surprisingly, didn't see anything on the agenda that addresses challenges the industry is facing from lawsuits or that suggests any speakers will be addressing money savings innovations. Very pleased the agenda does not include iBuyers!

Does anyone know the list of startups well enough to spot tools, apps that DIY homebuyers & sellers can use to save money, $30B by 2020? Anyone on this group working on a money-saving innovation they'd like to share?



Bill Wendel Thu 22 Aug 2019

Was pleased to follow #iOiSummit yesterday on Twitter, and delighted to watch the Pitch contest featuring about 15 teams via LIVESTREAM.

If you missed it, you can still see watch the replay using the link below. It’s not clear whether the Pitch contest winners will announced live, but the announcement is expected today at 12:15pm EST:


Anyone want to get together around noon, or after work to discuss trends, sessions (see today’s agenda below), and opportunities to save consumers money? Working on anything you’d like to pitch to this group for RETech Innovators and real estate consumer advocates? If you’d like to communicate privately, my contact info is below.

Bill Wendel