Mon 20 Jan 2020

UK Quarterly Project Q1 2020

Gareth L Public Seen by 136

Slightly late on this one as we've been busy looking at the microgrants scheme.

What shall we do for the first quarterly project of 2020? There is a list of ideas collated from things mentioned on talk-gb here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:UK_Quarterly_Project but any ideas are welcomed.

If you have an opinion where we should focus, please share below.

Additionally, we'd still like to partner with a larger organisation for a quarterly project. If you have an interesting (and suitable) data set or a lead in an organisation that we could pursue, please let us know!


Gareth L Mon 20 Jan 2020

I suggested at the January monthly meeting: Paths/routes through parks and nature reserves.

There are a surprising number of parks which have their paths either not marked at all, or very out of date, and these are not only in places which you'd think are only 'lightly mapped'.

Places like Mill Hill park in London, for example, could have a lot of paths added/detailed.

It would be great to have a focus on bringing a lot of this up to date in advance of the good weather returning.


Tony Shield Mon 20 Jan 2020

I like the idea of checking GP surgeries, also adding dentist and NHS centres, there are so many and knowing where they are is particularly useful.


Dan S Mon 20 Jan 2020

It's still quite frustrating how many regions there are with no building areas mapped at all. I know it's a big job but it's a basis for other mapping (eg addresses, or shops). It would be great if we can somehow get more of that ticked off.

Could people be willing to do some building mapping, e.g. combining local knowledge with aerial s?


Ed Loach Mon 27 Jan 2020

I wouldn't want to promote people tracing buildings off maps if they aren't planning on going to survey to add the address details and/or any business that is in them. Otherwise you get an area that looks like it has been mapped but isn't, and when someone does come to survey the area it is often easier to delete the traced outlines and start again based on the survey than to terrace them/split them into semis.


Jez Nicholson Mon 20 Jan 2020

Remember that there is a list of QP ideas on https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:UK_Quarterly_Project which can be edited and added to. In addition to discussing, not instead of.


SK53 Tue 21 Jan 2020

Paths through parks, GP surgeries, stps etc only work in places where the local community has not mapped them. They are also often either difficult to do from aerial imagery alone or surprisingly susceptible to change, so often need ground survey to be accurate and useful. I think it should be a sine qua non that a QP should work equally well for ground survey & remote mapping and in well-mapped and poorly-mapped areas (obvious caveat being things like schools).

My personal preference is for the 'A'-road corridor mapping (and yes I know its my proposal). Currently OSM data is good, but by no means perfect for trunk and primary roads: somewhere around 10-20% miss speed limits altogether. Last night I had a go at fixing a couple of missing limits in the East Midlands here, here and here. In each case Mapillary imagery was available and in addition to the speed limits there were lots of other things needing fixing or enhancing. This is an overpass query which shows missing speed limits on trunks. Part of the idea is to provide a handle to say "the OSM UK community is working to improve OSM data for highway routing both for private motorists and hauliers". I don't know how far we are with finding all low bridges or spotting all 7.5 t limits off main roads but these are the sort of things where I think our data is rather light and can make an impact.

If Dan's building suggestion is preferred I'd suggest limiting to certain categories: schools, hospitals, universities, retail and industrial landuse. These all tend to have more prominent and larger buildings. In retail areas having buildings mapped helps get the shop locations more accurate. It also means the impact is a little more measurable.


Brian Prangle Wed 22 Jan 2020

I like the idea of having a QP on major roads - it's the data that probably is of most relevance to most data users and we are probably complacent in thinking we've got good data everywhere _ and I'd include motorways here - lots of service station have new facilities and many motorways are now smart with variable speed limits or permanent 4 lane running with no hard shoulders which may not be reflected in OSM data. In fact I think we could elevate this into a permanent project with a wiki listing all the trunk routes with review progress and try to get Highways England and the folk at SABRE involved


SK53 Thu 30 Jan 2020

I think the current issues over smart motorways definitely deserve some mapping attention (refuges, overhead signal gantries, speed cameras etc).


Brian Prangle Thu 30 Jan 2020

Just as an exercise I followed recent openstreetcam footage along some trunk roads that look well-mapped and which I've travelled several times. Over about 10 miles I found: missing/incorrect lane counts, missing turn/destination lanes, missing/incorrect maxspeeds, missing right turns across dual carriageway central reservations, missing traffic light controlled crossings, footways not joined to roads, missing sidewalk info (important on dual carriageways), and crossing roads not joined with a node, to say nothing of ways with names like DriveThru and Bus Lane.

Multiply this across the country and I think we've got lots of work improving the quality of our basic data.

If not this Q judging by the voting then definitely for next Q.

Which organisations are people considering to engage with for parks/paths?


RobJN started a poll Sun 26 Jan 2020

What should the Quarterly Project be? Closed Thu 30 Jan 2020

by RobJN Sun 2 Feb 2020

The winner, and therefore the subject for the rest of Q1 is "Paths/routes through parks and nature reserves". Roads came a close second so get thinking about what tools/techniques/communities we can work with on that for a potential Q2 project.

As noted we are a bit late picking a quarterly project. As such I've set the closing date as this Thursday. This gives us a full 2 months on the project. Feel free to add options to the poll.

2 - GP surgeries, dentist and NHS centres
6 - Paths/routes through parks and nature reserves
1 - Buildings
4 - Major roads (lanes, speed limits, etc)

RobJN Sun 26 Jan 2020

Paths/routes through parks and nature reserves
Major roads (lanes, speed limits, etc)

I'm holding off from buildings at the moment until we know more about the future of OS OpenData and/or the prospect of getting better aerial imagery.


Gareth L Sun 26 Jan 2020

Paths/routes through parks and nature reserves
Major roads (lanes, speed limits, etc)


trigpoint Sun 26 Jan 2020

Major roads (lanes, speed limits, etc)


Brian Prangle Sun 26 Jan 2020

Major roads (lanes, speed limits, etc)


Jack FitzSimons Sun 26 Jan 2020

Paths/routes through parks and nature reserves


Robert Whittaker Sun 26 Jan 2020

Paths/routes through parks and nature reserves


Gregory Williams Sun 26 Jan 2020

GP surgeries, dentist and NHS centres


Tony Shield Mon 27 Jan 2020

GP surgeries, dentist and NHS centres


Stuart Lowe Mon 27 Jan 2020

Paths/routes through parks and nature reserves


Dan S Wed 29 Jan 2020



Andrew Black Wed 29 Jan 2020

Paths/routes through parks and nature reserves


Christian Ledermann Mon 2 Mar 2020

Historical England has data on this


You can download the following datasets as zipped folders containing Esri shapefiles with associated metadata and licences:

Listed buildings (points)

Scheduled monuments (polygons)

Protected wreck sites (polygons)

-> Registered parks and gardens (polygons)

Registered battlefields (polygons)

World Heritage Sites (polygons)

Buildings with Building Preservation Notices (BPNs) (points)

Buildings with a Certificate of Immunity (COI) (points)