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The statutes of a new VZW/ASBL are being written by a group of pirates.
It's one of the topics of our next GA.

Everybody has the opportunity to comment the document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12RIw9PV6zYkM2ucVe_zcXqSAgYrAvKyny5178HTsG84/edit
It's the best place to provide feedback. The sooner the better.


Jan Van Opstal Sat 10 Sep 2016

In case the pirates movement start with this asbl/vzw.....

If I want to become member of the Belgium Politic Party ..... And pay (1€/month) ....

Do I become member of the vzw/asbl ? Do I pay to a account belonging to the vzw/asbl ?

or do I become member of the movement and pay to a account of the movement ... and will the asbl/vzw handle this account for the pirate movement?

Personally I prefer that the ASBL/VZW receives a power of attorney for the exisiting pirates account as the best solution .... (if needed a restricted one)


Jov Ver Sat 10 Sep 2016

it's the second if you replace movement with party.

If you pay €1, you "become member of the party and pay to an account of the party... the asbl/vzw will indeed handle this account for the pirate party"

Optionally, you can become member of the vzw as well.

So: distinction between

  • movement - any "pirate" is a pirate even if he does not pay membership
  • party - a pirate becomes member of the party when he/she pays membership
  • asbl / vzw - a legal entity with no other purpose than to serve the party

You last point is the one of two main reasons why this vzw / asbl is needed - second is membership administration.


Willem Marijnissen Sun 11 Sep 2016

Translation of the Statutes in French is finished. So the French should say the same thing as the dutch now.

With kind regards,


Van: Vincent (Loomio) notifications@loomio.org

Verzonden: vrijdag 9 september 2016 23:52

Aan: til.op@live.be

Onderwerp: [Pirates BE - Permanent Assembly - General Assembly Fall 2016] VZW - ASBL


HgO Sun 11 Sep 2016

Thank you for your work! I cannot help much here because I don't speak Dutch, but although the whole statutes are translated in French, the said translation has too many errors. I tried to correct spelling mistakes and typos, but sometimes the whole sentence would need to be rephrased.


Valerie D. Sun 11 Sep 2016

I dont' think you should worry. The point of the translation is just to enable non-Dutch speakers to understand. Thank you to the translators, by the way.


Willem Marijnissen Mon 12 Sep 2016

I understand your reactions, I would like to say : make the changements in French. But maybe Jo Ver should give his permission for that . The only condition is: The French has to say the same thing as the dutch. :-) . The more it is prepared for the GA the better.


Valerie D. Sun 11 Sep 2016

Thank you for the work and the FR translation with it! It's quite simple and clear! I have put some comments in the statutes + the addenda and I will summarize below the main comments in different comments to enable "reply to" for each more clearly

1) Links between vzw and party: Apart from the fact that the vzw members are members of the pirate party, I did not see any other link between the two organisations. Or did I miss them? (tell me if so). Considering what the vzw is supposed to be to the party, I personally think these links should be stronger (as in the past, when the black pearl was reporting on its accounts to the Pirate GA, not only to the vzw GA). The two ships should travel together...


Valerie D. Sun 11 Sep 2016

2) Decision by vote in the vzw GA, with simple majority: Some pirates have learnt the hard way how vote makes losers. and should be avoided at all costs... If you really want to use vote for "ease" at decision time, go ahead, but be aware the miscontent will be a break to action after the vote.

So, at least, I suggest ensuring that abstentions are respected by counting them as votes (so that the majority threshold really represents at least the half of the people present + one).


Valerie D. Sun 11 Sep 2016

3) As for the addendum at the end of the document, I do not really understand what they mean. Can you explain better what these "proposals" are for? Also, there is confusion between party membership and vzw membership over there, to me.



Pat Seynaeve Mon 12 Sep 2016

I invite everybody to study the law of 4 juli 1989 to define of the vzw/aslb have to organise official and according along the Belgian laws the bookkeeping and administration.
I suppose this is the purpose of this vzw?
So we have to change and add the necessary statutes and clausules to be as political party according the law.
Ndl: http://www.ejustice.just.fgov.be/cgi_loi/change_lg.pl?language=nl&la=N&cn=1989070434&table_name=wet
Fr: http://www.ejustice.just.fgov.be/cgi_loi/change_lg.pl?language=fr&la=F&cn=1989070434&table_name=loi
A political party can NOT receive any money from a company or association, what means this vzw can NOT receive any money on her own account to give it to PPBE.


Christophe Cop Mon 12 Sep 2016

Just read (quickly) through the statutes.
Seem good.
It's indeed important to stress that a member of PPBE does not need to be member of the vzw/asbl, but a members of the vzw/asbl must be members of PPBE.
(this means that they have to pay membership to PPBE and the VZW/ASBL... being the same account of course)


Patrick Installé Mon 12 Sep 2016

(this means that they have to pay membership to PPBE and the VZW/ASBL... being the same account of course)
No, it will not be the same account.


Jan Van Opstal Fri 23 Sep 2016

the latest version .... from Jan Cabooter


HgO Fri 23 Sep 2016

Er wordt door de Raad van Bestuur bepaald dat de jaarlijkse bijdrage van een lid 5 € bedraagt.
Le Conseil d’Administration a décidé que la cotisation annuelle des membres est de 5 €.

Ah ah. This funny line wasn't there in the draft...

(I'm not pronouncing on the whole statutes at the moment, they seem good but some points are bothering me as well)


Jan Van Opstal Sun 26 Feb 2017

@tierce or someone else,
can you add all members to this issue of the asbl creation regarding my proposal please? or explain how I can do it