App/Feature Design Workshop (Wednesday 21 August)

Rob Guthrie Public Seen by 42

Here is my current thinking for the Wednesday workshop on the application.


Here is a trello board for the day

I still don't think that one day is nearly enough, but it will hopefully allow us to have a better shared understanding of what we're building. Perhaps we can repeat the workshop for a few weeks if we need. Or maybe we'll get our process sorted out nicely so we can collaborate on Loomio and other online tools.

Anyway please have a look and discuss.


Benjamin Knight Mon 19 Aug 2013

This is awesome Rob, thanks heaps for setting this up!


Sophie Jerram Tue 20 Aug 2013

Hey @robertguthrie this looks awesome I particularly liked the 'and a decision making tool that makes it possible to take collective action on a country wide or global (or galactic) scale'
I won't be there tomorrow - in another life I would be there!
You've brought us a fabulous project so far and I can't wait to hear what the process has created after tomorrow.


[deactivated account] Tue 20 Aug 2013

@robertguthrie It is great to see some of the issues Loomio tackling in this format. I hope the workshop goes well.

A couple of quick suggestions to add to it is user profile (i.e. public bio, personal privacy settings and contact details), and user functions (beyond the inbox) i.e. maybe a private messaging system for informal discussion, a place for user donations to Loomio etc.


Matthew Bartlett Tue 20 Aug 2013

@neilmorris re. user donations, are you aware of this page (accessible from the heart icon)?


Matthew Bartlett Wed 21 Aug 2013

Would some kindly person mind sending me photos of the 'ideas / proto-proposals' mockups? @richarddbartlett @jonlemmon @johnirving


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 21 Aug 2013

@matthewbartlett here you go: http://imgur.com/a/OKnGK