Embeddable discussions and voting

Bob Haugen
Bob Haugen Public Seen by 464

Something like Disqus.

If you did this, I would immediately use it in https://github.com/valnet/valuenetwork

We would connect discussions to particular objects on their own Web pages, and decisions to some page that is about governance.

I don't know if the crew actually wants to do this, but we feel like you are kindred in some undefinable way and so would rather use Loomio than Disqus. Or we could roll our own, but it would not be as good.

I've seen feature requests to use Discourse for Loomio discussions, but as far as I know, Discourse is more like forums than discussion about, and connected to, particular small topics like this design or prototype or contribution, which Disqus is designed to do.

Sean Tilley

Sean Tilley July 15th, 2014 22:44

It would be really neat if you made use of oEmbed, as we support it extensively in Diaspora*. It would be really cool if we could just paste links to Loomio discussions on our platform in posts, and have an embedded version be rendered for users to interact with in our stream.

Benjamin Knight

Benjamin Knight July 15th, 2014 23:49

I really really like this suggestion @bobhaugen - I'd love to see us go in that direction, and I think that it's pretty likely to be in line with our trajectory.

In terms of timing, I think it's hard to say when functionality like this makes most sense to prioritise, but we'll certainly keep it on the radar :)

Bob Haugen

Bob Haugen July 16th, 2014 01:05

@benjaminknightloom - We'll follow however you do it and make it work.

Rob Guthrie

Rob Guthrie July 16th, 2014 19:57

I've not heard about oEmbed before. I'll have a look now.


zack August 5th, 2014 19:52

I think there is one thing which would make loomio.org really take off, meaning becoming mainstream: Offering a widget like proposal result which can be embedded by newspapers when they publish a news or analysis.

Mass media is moving very fast towards online, people are able to add comments still those comments on the articles don't go nowhere. If they could be quantified by a loomio proposal widget that would be really cool and engaging. The widged doesn't have to contain the discussion, just the pie with the decision results and a link to loomio discussion.


Denjello February 15th, 2015 13:41

just oembed:wow

Especially the bit about poll submission via SMS / Text.

Bob Haugen

Bob Haugen August 25th, 2015 14:20

Connecting these proposals:

And I'll post the same comment on each. Would be great to merge them.

How's this coming? Anywhere on the near horizon? We just ran into (yet another) issue that people want to vote on. We'd use it immediately. Otherwise, many people would need to get Loomio accounts, log in, reproduce the issue, and vote here, and it would be out of the context of the organization they wanted vote in.

Danyl Strype

Danyl Strype October 8th, 2015 11:59

Just adding this here too. I agree it would be good to close one of these threads and focus discussion on the feature idea in the other.

Just for clarity , I think there are two features under discussion here:

  • an automated means of displaying the outcome of a Loomio decision on other platforms (pie chart and all)
  • an automated means of participating in a decision from other platforms

Both sound cool, but the first one seems like lower-hanging fruit. I'm guessing what we're talking about is an HTML5 embed code, similar to the ones folks use for embedding YouTube videos. This would require:

  • a visual element added to the decision part of the UI to allow the embed code to be copied to clipboard
  • the syntax of the embed code to be designed
  • code on the server end to respond to the embed code by sending the display of the pie chart to another server, instead of a user's browser
Bob Haugen

Bob Haugen October 8th, 2015 12:09

@strypey and all: we see three features:
* embedded proposal decisions
* embedded proposal voting
* embedded discussions (with or without proposals and voting: but preferably the whole nine yards of a Loomio discussion).

We would prioritize embedded discussions with or without proposals, voting, and displaying decisions. In other words, our goal would be to conduct the discussion in the context of whatever is the focus in a value network, whether it be a process, or a contribution, or a creation, or whatever. In other words, so the discussion, with all of its features, is directly connected and in the context of what it is about.

We could do that with, for example, Disqus. But we like Loomio better.

Danyl Strype

Danyl Strype October 8th, 2015 12:14

oEmbed sounds like a possible solution for the two-way API. How does it deal with ID and authentication issues? Eg If a user who didn't have a Loomio.org account used an embedded widget for a Loomio.org discussion to make a comment, or a position statement on a proposal, which user would that be associated with in the Loomio group? If a communal user was created and associated with that widget, how would you tell the users at the other end apart? Since Loomio.org already implements Mozilla Persona, perhaps this could be used to solve these problems? I recently posted a blog about the challenges of federated identity across multiple services, and some of the tech I mention in there might be of interest too.

Bob Haugen

Bob Haugen October 8th, 2015 13:00

@strypey - federated identity is a desired goal. If Loomio implements Persona, we would be happy to follow their lead if and when we get embedded Loomio discussions.

Novica Zivkovic

Novica Zivkovic October 8th, 2015 14:42

iLike this


zack October 8th, 2015 19:30

I also like this. So many news articles raise discussions which would be great to be hosted by Loomio and lead to proposals. But since the newspapers and Loomio are separated this doesn't happen since people are inclined to comment and get involved in the 'place' where it started even if it's virtual. In my view embeddable discussion pages would be popular.

Danyl Strype

Danyl Strype October 9th, 2015 10:27

I would say that of three features @bobhaugen describes, the second two are options for implementing the second of the two features I listed. Interesting that the discussion is higher priority for you than the ability to take positions on proposals. The main stumbling block I can see, as I described above, is identity management. The good news @bobhaugen is that Loomio has already implemented Persona. Next time you login to Loomio, have a look under the 'login using Google' and 'login using FarceBook' buttons.

Bob Haugen

Bob Haugen October 9th, 2015 12:01

Here are a couple of example situations:

  1. Somebody logs 350 hours on a task. (This actually happened.) Somebody else comments, "Is that a mistake, or did that really take 350 hours?". The original logger says, "No, shd have been 3.5 hours, I changed it."

  2. Somebody posts a design for a prototype. Lots of people comment with pluses and minuses and suggested changes. Finally, somebody makes a proposal to accept or reject this design. It's rejected, with comments that suggest some modification that would make it acceptable. More discussion ensues, with more changes to the design, followed by another proposal that is accepted.

Jon Richter

Jon Richter October 31st, 2015 13:47

There are at least Isso and Hypothesis, who provide embeddable discussions. Discourse also does so for articles provided by one RSS stream.

I've linked them just 10 hours ago from https://github.com/hackers4peace/plp-docs/issues/21#issuecomment-152690396.

@strypey Thanks for the blog link.

Jacob Gadikian

Jacob Gadikian November 8th, 2015 10:13

This is awesome and would nearly certainly increase the user base and awareness of loomio in general.

Greg Cassel

Greg Cassel December 6th, 2015 07:41

Still super interested in this, especially for modular organizational concepts like Open App Ecosystem and Collaborative Technology Alliance. Updates would be appreciated whenever possible!