May 19th, 2017 18:03

Searching for Technical Lead for Cooperative Investment Bank

Joel Dietz Public Seen by 466

As many of you probably know I've been working on roughly the same thing for the last ~4 years, namely a global cooperative finance platform powered by smart contracts and decentralized reputation systems.

With this iteration we've locked down a substantial amount of initial financing and are looking to scale up our development team. Among other opportunities, we are building facilitating technology for the cooperative banking system in Brazil that we plan to scale globally. Importantly, this has embedded accountability and governance mechanisms that may even be solution for some global problems around governments.

I've been managing the development process for most of the last couple years which has resulted in some interesting things (like this liquid democracy system: http://liquid.qhoss.com and demo for rainforest conservation www.ibreathe.io) and some other fund management software.

Personally I also am quite technical with a background in open source frameworks node/ruby) and enterprise software before blockchain, but we want to bring on someone with strong credentials and a commitment to this overall vision to manage the technological build out process.

Also I continue to be looking for advisors of a legal and economic nature and am happy to share more details to interested parties.

Jo Booth

Jo Booth May 21st, 2017 01:31

Sounds interesting - is this related to #BuyTwitter though?


Joel Dietz May 21st, 2017 18:45

It would be possible to do a combined infrastructure and asset purchase through such a vehicle, so yes.

Dunia Reverter

Dunia Reverter May 22nd, 2017 08:45

Dear @joeldietz this sounds interesting, and I might be able to complement your expertise. Shall we talk? Regards, Dunia.

Victor Matekole

Victor Matekole May 22nd, 2017 09:54

Hi @joeldietz would like to hear more and determine pot. for collab — please ping me on victor@seedbloom.it to arrange meeting.