Mon 22 Nov 2021

Sticker Marketing Campaign

JE John Evans Public Seen by 19

I recently bought a sticker machine, it cost about £100, and the stickers cost about £10 for a roll, which I think have about 100 stickers on.

It's a thermal printing machine, so there's no ink and the stickers are gray-scale rather than colour.


  • 5 members get 20 stickers each to put up in their local area

  • The stickers link to a particular intro page on the mutual interest website

  • I get refunded the cost of the sticker roll and postage to the members

As for the stickers themselves, I was thinking something fairly provocative like "Who decides what you think?" and then a link like mutualinterest.coop/who-decides. But I'm not married to that particular message.

What do you think?


Leo Sammallahti Mon 22 Nov 2021

Is it legal? I am not a naughty boy! If its legal then happy to do it in Belfast and Helsinki.


John Evans Mon 22 Nov 2021

It is legal to put stickers up, yes


Leo Sammallahti Tue 23 Nov 2021

I did not know what true freedom was before I moved to UK, I am still trying to integrate pls understand. Lets do it then!


Iwan Doherty Tue 23 Nov 2021

Sounds like a good idea. Be good to have a trial run of this and see how it goes