Tue 29 Jan 2019

1/29-2/1/19: LIVESTREAM from #ICNY, leading RETech event. Debrief after, or online daily?

Bill Wendel Public Seen by 182

ALERT: LIVESTREAM just started!

Too busy to attend #ICNY, leading #RealEstate conference in NYC this week? For 2 decades, #RealEstateCafe has hosted #RETech debriefings in Boston following major events. See links on #BosRETech MeetUp, incl LIVESTREAM debriefing decade ago at @BKCHarvard


Anyone on #RE2020 attending? I should arrive by noon, and hope to visit every exhibitor before traveling back to Boston at 6pm. Send text to Bill Wendel at 617-661-4046 if you'd like to connect.


Bill Wendel Wed 30 Jan 2019

Here’s the schedule for tomorrow. Text number above if you’d like to watch any of the LIVESTREAM together. If you only watch one session, recommend Brad Inman’s Kickoff, it’s brief but early 8:30-8:45am


Bill Wendel Wed 30 Jan 2019

REMINDER: Livestream from NYC starts in ONE Minute, already playing "space music" that sounds like 2001 A Space Odyssey to set mood for Keynote: Supernova Hits Real Estate


Bill Wendel Thu 31 Jan 2019

REMINDER: LIVESTREAM starting shortly on:

What do you make of Brad Inman's of kicked off yesterday at #ICNY? Watch replay on link above, and comment below or on @RealEstateCafe's tweet. We think it was PRICELESS!