October 27th, 2016 14:55

We the People 2.0 Film Showing

Joel Gingery
Joel Gingery Public Seen by 368

I wonder if we are interested in sponsering a showing of this film. The film highlights the need for democratic community rights vs corporations as well as introducing an important consideration when thinking about organizations and institutions. "We the People 2.0 confronts its viewers with the ravages of mine tailings and leaky containment ponds, of sludge and ooze and grue, all of which, the film documents, are killing people, particularly in the cancer-blighted small towns of North America. The film's brief is laudable: Alongside documenting grassroots activism, including the kayak flotillas that protested Shell Oil in Seattle, thefilm focuses on legal challenges presented to corporations by granting rights to ecosystems. Talking heads come from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit that helps small towns draft laws against fracking, factory farming, and water privatization. The voice of narrator Walton Goggins, formerly of TV's rural meth-opera "Justified," is a great boon to the film, perhaps making viewers wish he would just let it rip in the grandiloquent manner of his TV character Boyd Crowder. The "2.0" in the title refers to what the filmmakers have dubbed "The Second American Revolution"—a battle not against a foreign power, but against corporate power." - SIFF (http://www.wethepeople2.film/about-the-film-movement)

John Rhoads

John Rhoads October 29th, 2016 17:51

I want to start showing films here in Phoenix and will add this one to my Freenas server. Thanks for the link.

Betsy Avila

Betsy Avila October 29th, 2016 17:54

Great recommendation, @joelgingery!