Wed 31 Oct 2018

10/31-11/5: #NARinBos18: Comp pass to EXPO, should RE2020 host informal MeetUp during event?

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The National Association of Realtors is beginning their 1st national convention in Boston since 1929 (ominous year, right?); and if you'd like to visit 420+ booths 11/2-5, #RE2020 can provide a limited number of comp passes to EXPO ($50 value):


If you'd like to follow the event virtually or take a deeper dive, use the mobile app and social media links on:


@johnpuma of Wizio, longtime buyer agent, author @tomwemett , @adriennemeisels and others asked if we should get together informally during the convention. Some of us will be chatting nightly in our shared AirBnB on the North Shore, but we can also pick a time and place to meet closer to the Boston Convention & Expo Center. What would work for you?

After we get a few suggestions, we'll ask people to vote for the best option.

If you'd like to chat, feel free to call or text Bill Wendel at 617-661-4046.


[deactivated account] Wed 31 Oct 2018

You all continue to play in your opponents arena. How about starting a new trade association for Buyer Agents for all types of goods and services and announce it during the NAR convention. I bet Ralph Nader would find this of interest. Mom


Adrienne Meisels Wed 31 Oct 2018

Great idea! I'd love to grab a beverage and connect. I can on Friday or Sunday (before 5pm). Bill - I'll call you back tomorrow. Got slammed today. :-)


Bill Wendel Thu 1 Nov 2018

Very pleased by private responses to suggestion that RE2020 should host a RETech MeetUp. Will eventually post some simple options to assess people’s availability, after reviewing major sessions that might pose conflicts for fellow innovators. Until then, can I get an idea of who else might be interested? I can assure you, the proposed presentation would be paradymn shifting; and even if he prefer not to present, would like to share an idea that @travis26, who joined this thread today, posted on LinkedIn



Travis Thu 1 Nov 2018

You are an Evangelist! T.

Travis WrightText or Call


Lindy Chapman Thu 1 Nov 2018

Interesting article and great visual @travis26 . @billwendel, unfortunately I did not make it to Boston as I had several unexpected conflicts that needed to to take priority. There is a slight chance I may yet go Saturday, so let me know if any meetings then or Sunday. Eager to see what continues to transpire through this group of innovators.


Travis Thu 1 Nov 2018

If you do come Sat send me a text 281-217-2789 Thanks for your kind words.


Bill Wendel Thu 1 Nov 2018

DRAFT MeetUp text: How's this look @travis26? Can I post your three images on MeetUp? ,

Friday, November 2, 2018

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Cafe (Venue = Capital One Cafe but asked to hide their name)

57 Seaport Blvd. · Boston

TITLE: Next real estate ecosystem? Data markets, platforms & information fiduciaries

DESCRIPTION: What will the real estate ecosystem look like in the future? The Realtors' 1st convention in Boston in 89 years has brought some thought leaders to town to share their visions with local innovators.

Mark Lesswing, an expert / entrepreneur in blockchain in real estate and NAR's former CTO, will discuss "Data as Labor" -- an examination of using DL to compensate data creators every time it is used. Inspired by Eric Posner's book "Radical Markets," the discussion "is surprisingly non-technical, yet academic. Be sure to visit his Blockchain Roadmap for the real estate industry August 2018 on link below:


Travis Wright, former Exec, Dir. of Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) will present the novel idea in the link below: "Move all the service providers onto a multi-sided marketplace platform. In so doing, consumers and providers could come together to initiate transactions with less friction, greater transparency of product specs and provider credentials, and ultimately create a competitive environment for best pricing."


Thomas Hardjono, MIT Connection Science, will bring a perspective from applied academic work at MIT, where he holds a variety of titles and is involved in convervations about blockchain and digital identity worldwide (see link below). The realignment of the real estate ecosystem around big data and personal data will require moving agency duties from the transaction to the homeownership cycle, hence the need for "information fiduciaries."


We expect other real estate thought leaders, entrepreneur and academics to join us, so will start with networking at 3pm; begin presentations at 3:30pm and leave 4:30-5pm for networking. If there's time will slip in a lightning round so everyone can say what they're working on.

Better yet, visit http://RE2020.Loomio.org and join one of the working groups that aligns with your interest and vision of where the real estate ecosystem will be in the year 2020. That's the question #RE2020 will continue to ask as we cocreate the future using MIT's uLab model.

For more interest, contact:

Bill Wendel


617-661-4046 (text messages if you can't find the MeetUp)


Travis Thu 1 Nov 2018

Bill: Looks fine, feel free to post the visuals. Thanks. T.

Travis Wright


Bill Wendel Thu 1 Nov 2018

We're live!

REGISTRATION: Limited to 50 people: