Sun 21 Sep 2014 3:05PM

Enable html5 video/audio tags

C Chris Public Seen by 165

Been having a conversation here about embedding video and audio from non-Youtube/Vimeo/Soundcloud places, namely Mediagoblin.

Now there's an older Lomio discussion here which talks about extending Markdown to embed html5 video. This, according to some people in the conversation, would be a pretty big pain for not much payoff.

As Sean said,

 Basically, what needs to happen for embedding MediaGoblin content on Diaspora is two things:

 * MediaGoblin needs to be made into an oEmbed provider.
 * Once that happens, Diaspora's oEmbed code needs to be adjusted to accept MediaGoblin as a valid provider type.

Sounds easier than messing with the Markdown implementation, sure. (I say, having looked at 0% of this code.)

But Will Hill has suggested simply using the html5 video and audio tags.

Is there any reason this wouldn't be possible?

If it is possible, I think it would be a really good thing to do. Diaspora* should help to federate the web by speaking languages that everyone else speaks already. People who host video and audio files on their own servers could use this. It's a bit of a load off the Mediagoblin people who have their plates full just implementing federation.

If this is possible, simple, and doesn't break shit, I think it should be done.


Shmerl Sun 21 Sep 2014 3:13PM

I suggested this long ago (to allow using video and audio tags). But some were bringing security concerns, though no one explained what they are. If those aren't real, then having audio and video tags would be very useful with some precautions like not allowing autoplay, some size formatting and so on. Basically with some sanitizing applied that can work.


Chris Sun 21 Sep 2014 3:34PM

Hmm. Yeah, I would like more details on that as well.

Seems like it wouldn't be any more dangerous than when images are automatically loaded. But those are obviously different tags.

I dunno. If anyone has more info, please share.


[deactivated account] Sun 21 Sep 2014 4:22PM

I think it is already discussed here, isn't it ?


Chris Mon 22 Sep 2014 4:09PM

mmmm.....Yeah, sort of.

I think that's a slightly different discussion. Sean seems like he would like to enable cross-posting of material specifically to Mediagoblin. Using MG as a gathering place for all the uploaded photos from a pod. Not a bad idea, I don't think.

What Juan Santiago suggests in the first comment is more my speed.

We could move the discussion there, of course. The issues are compatible.

Enabling users to embed videos using the tag would be very usefull, relatively easy, and an important step toward integration with decentralized media sharing platforms like MG.

I will post to Mr. Tilley's discussion next.