Fri 1 Dec 2017


Anson Public Seen by 413

Hi! The research group that I am in was instrumental in showing that air pollution caused freshwater acidification. This was done using a palaeolimnological approach from lake sediments. We are in the process of scanning in all the original reports (funded by governments and industry in the 1980s) that led to these crucial discoveries. I wondered if these would be suitable for being hosted on EarthArXiv, as I think that are a very valuable historical contribution to environmental science. But they are not published papers... Best, Ans


Han Geurdes Fri 1 Dec 2017

Dear Anson,

Great if that "data/information" could be found on EarthArxiv. It would precisely further the discussion.

Talking about EarthArxiv as a platform is like talking about a proper chessboard. However, in our particular game of chess, the board could also be shaped "while playing" (to paraphrase the older Ludwig Wittgenstein in: Philosophical Investigations. ).




Stéphanie Girardclos Fri 1 Dec 2017

Hi Anson,
Why don't you write a synthesis article explaining how these crucial discoveries happened in your lab? Readers love good synthesis papers. They are well read and well cited. You could then attach all the reports (i.e. your article's data) as part of supplementary materials. It would also be easier for potential readers to have your comments to know how to orient in this material. And you can -of course- publish this article on EarthArXiv!


Anson Mon 4 Dec 2017

Thanks Stéphanie - I have emailed the PI of the programme to see if he is interested in writing such a synthesis. Great idea! Cheers, Ans


Victor Venema Mon 4 Dec 2017

I would say that a report of scientific quality is not too different from a pre-print: a scientific contribution that is not peer reviewed. We also allow for pre-prints that are not submitted to a journal.


Han Geurdes Mon 4 Dec 2017

Indeed Victor. I agree.


Divyesh Varade Fri 29 Dec 2017

I agree with Stephanie. The reports could be summarized into a short communication or as an article and then hosted on Earth ArXiv.