Sun 16 Aug 2015

Board meeting 25/8 Analysation of the current state of the PPI infrastructure

Andrew Reitemeyer Public Seen by 209
    - what do we need?
    - what do we need not?

    Technical proposal by Samir Alloui: 
    - get a block of IP addresses for PPI and its members
    - administrate & configure everything
    - deploy a TAHOE-LAFS grid (cloud) based on the services of http://leastauthority.com
    - configure SCP/FTP storage sites for members
    - public information to all members about the new opportunities
    - get funding & build more services

    pad exists - 

Anders Kleppe Sun 16 Aug 2015


How do PPI do this without a basic administration and not much financial back-up?


Nikolay Voronov Mon 17 Aug 2015

we need transparent voting-system for GA's