Mon 29 Aug 2016

Key points of Loomio use (best practice)

Rob Crittenden Public Seen by 309

Two things struck me when checking out Loomio, the first was how important this context box would be. To get the right idea through to people in order for them to give valuable feedback this will have to be very carefully worded and as short a summary as possible. In the introduction video they included a description of the proposal and the outcomes expected if the proposal is passed etc... ie potential action items.

The second is the meanings of the categories of responses, it will be very important for us to keep in touch with what the responses signify ie the examples are:
Agree: “I agree with this and want it to go ahead.”
Abstain: “I am happy for the group to decide without me.”
Disagree: “I think we can probably do better.”
Block: “I have strong objections to this proposal and am not OK with it going ahead.”
This is a good summary and I suggest we put together a little 'info graphic' if you will on how we expect people to use this forum as it may help it from going off the rails.

I Propose we create a reference or guide for the proposals to follow and for people to use to help them frame their proposals as best they can.


Rob Crittenden Mon 29 Aug 2016

No official proposal as yet as this is still in discussion 'mode'. @ejp :smiley:


Jose Ramos Mon 29 Aug 2016

Hi Rob

yes I think we do need clear protocols. we need to actually think it through as a design problem.

what are the steps we assume people will take?

how do they use loomio to do this?

look forward to working on it


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Michelle Fisher Mon 29 Aug 2016

Sounds like a great idea, Rob. Good to draft as we go, perhaps making it a live document at least at the start.