Thu 8 Jul 2021

Worker co-op job descriptions

NBC Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) Public Seen by 114

When drafting job descriptions and recruiting, it's useful to see how other worker co-ops explain the self management/collaborative team working required to work in their co-op. This is a space to share worker co-op job descriptions or wording for others to look at.


Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) Thu 8 Jul 2021

Does anyone have examples of how they explained the responsibility of the workers in their co-op to operate as a self managed team in a job description or job ad? Thanks


Irena P Thu 8 Jul 2021

Good question - I'd like to see that too. Also this is slightly connected about wording / onboarding workers: If a new (or even an established) worker asks in a worker co-op: "Just explain what we own again exactly?" ... does anyone have real life examples how they've communicated this well (in a couple of sentences please!) thanks.