Sat 22 Oct 2016

Intended use

David Brinovec Public Seen by 382

I have grown weary of all the posts that revolve around notions of a lease economy. Perhaps there are some parallels between that and the democracy at work project. That said, the democracy at work project was not created to define or promote the notion of a lease economy. My understanding is that It was created to promote worker self directed enterprises. Organizations that are well defined and have been in existence for a long time.

I for one would like to see this loomio instance be used for what it was originally intended for.


Betsy Avila Sat 22 Oct 2016

Well said, @davidian1024, and your notion is correct: we promote democratic enterprises like worker cooperatives and WSDEs. The Loomio page is intended to promote discussion and easier decision making between d@w supporters. If there are to be threads where people wish to discuss LEs, that's is okay, too, but let's get some addition topics going as well.

On an additional note, this page will become more fun as more people join. Let's all invite a few friends who love great conversation to the page. :thumbsup:


John Rhoads Sat 22 Oct 2016

@davidian1024 @betsyavila I agree.


Joe Sat 22 Oct 2016

OK guys. Message heard loud and clear. I'll cool it re LE now.

Actually, looking forward to digging into the mission statement and objectives of d@w more.

So who was the leadership who established this particular "intended use?" And what was the expected outcome of working within this narrower solution approach?

First let me state that I'm totally in support of coops and worker self-directed enterprises. But does d@w believe this is the key to improving the world?

Kind of seems like it has a very targeted and limited target audience. How many people of the planet will be directly impacted in the near future? Or is it only intended for western type democracies?

For me this is an approach that offers a patch to the current model, so supports the great majority of the current models systems/solutions. E.g. accepting the current currency / money creation system is fine as is.

Doesn't seem to directly attack capitalism and to quickly move away from it.

Again, if you guys want to be left alone to work on your project without challenge and questioning of its core principles and ultimate mission objectives, just say the word and I'll exit your space.

I sincerely thank you for the opportunity given me to tell the LE story. Hopefully the seed is now sitting in your own mind's story. Big positive improvement is possible! Cheers.


Betsy Avila Mon 24 Oct 2016

Yes, d@w believes a social movement dedicated to supporting democratic workplaces is key to improving the world, and we do believe this challenges many of the major flaws within the current model of capitalism.

Questions and comments that challenge our principles and objectives are always welcome. But those comments and threads are also open to critique. Hope this helps.


Terrence McKenna Wed 2 Nov 2016

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