January 5th, 2017 19:50

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Mark Latham
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This is a catch-all thread topic, so that we don't need to create a new thread for every miscellaneous post. I'm about to post a link relevant to #BuyTwitter below.

Mark Latham

Mark Latham January 5th, 2017 20:02

Medium seems to be on a trajectory similar to Twitter – not surprising I guess, since they share a co-founder. Posted on Medium today by DHH:

Venture capital is going to murder Medium

John Gieryn

John Gieryn January 6th, 2017 03:23

Good one on the link dump Mark.

In Medium's own words [it doesnt look good]: https://blog.medium.com/renewing-mediums-focus-98f374a960be#.45usp6446 dropping staff, and also the new route also is gonna cost

Sam Toland

Sam Toland January 6th, 2017 20:01

Interesting article.


Facebook makes $12 per annum from each user!

12$ a year for Facebook-type service with no ads or spying....

Mark Latham

Mark Latham January 13th, 2017 23:11

Very on-point post today from DHH:

The price of monetizing schemes

How oxymoronic. Here’s this thing for “free”, if you give me the most valuable things you own: Your attention, your privacy, your peace of mind. The price tag may say $0, but it ain’t free.
It wouldn’t surprise me if twenty years from now we view the likes of Facebook with the same incredulity we do now to smoking: How could they not know it did this to their health?