Thu 9 May 2019

05/09/19: Consumer Federation of America's 1st real estate panel, 11:30-12:45pm

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Have been away from RE2020 for two months but glad to redirect my attention here in time to alert fellow innovators and real estate consumer advocates to the Consumer Assembly in Washington, including their 1st real estate panel ever at 11:30-12:45pm today:


If you use this link, you can catch the last part of the LIVESTREAM on Artificial Intelligence:


Some longtime consumer advocates have been exchanging emails with the panel moderator, Steve Brobeck, former, long-time Exec Director of CFA about the need to respond to #AgencyFraud:


Back to the Future: Panelist Frank Torres, now with Microsoft, first called for a Real Estate Consumer Bill of Rights in 2001 when he was with Consumer Union. See list of collaborators on petition submitted to Federal Reserve Board & Congress:



Bill Wendel Thu 9 May 2019

Interesting to see the alignment of bullet points submitted to Congress nearly 20 years ago (in the link above) with current momentum generated by real estate consumer advocates and class action lawyers. It's been a marathon but we continue to hand the baton to fellow innovators who are ready to sprint!


What are you working on, and if you're headed to the Realtor MidYear conference next week, want to get together?