Sun 30 Oct 2016

Vine as Proof of Concept Platform Co-operative

Chris Cook Public Seen by 404

This decision by Twitter


to shut down Vine seems to open up a simple opportunity to create a Platform Co-operative.


1/ Twitter puts Vine 1.0 IP into a Vine Foundation for agreed %age of revenues if any.

2/ Vine Foundation becomes a member of Vine Development LLC

3/ Vine staff join Vine Development LLC as Developer Members.

4/ Vine content providers invest as Capital Partners in the LLC to create Vine Channel and become Producer Members of Platform Co-op.

5/ Vine Channel User Club formed as Twitter sub-s with standards of behavour set and managed.

6/ New Vine applications developed on the new Vine Platform, with funding from discounted Vine revenues credits.


Thomas Euler Sun 30 Oct 2016

I like that idea. I'm not a vine expert but my feeling is that creating a working business model might be even harder than in Twitter's case. On the other hand, as it is a niche community with few but highly invested users there might be a way.

In any case: Vine might present an opportunity to establish a dialogue with Twitter. If some people around here would be willing to drive this initiative, it might not be wasted energy.