Tue 14 Apr 2015

Closing Keynote from Michelle Williams - Ka huri Te whakaaro

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We are posting a series of Loomio discussions about sessions and talks coming up at the conference, so participants can have a chance to discuss the topics, ask questions, and interact with the presenters.

Closing Keynote from Michelle Williams

As the open and participatory era strengthens, our voices become actions, and we shape new business models, strategies, and leadership. Our vulnerability, beliefs, and collaboration will help reshape our world. Michelle will close the conference by tapping into our innate wisdom and deep listening.

Michelle is all about the Big Shift and moving from passive observers and consumers to active participants reshaping our world. Michelle is currently writing the book Participation is the new Consumption which she successfully crowdfunded for last year. Driven by our own individual empowerment, a renewal of our sense of purpose and beliefs, and our regeneration of community, Michelle's vision in this book gives a roadmap to a world whose roads are yet to be built. Michelle founded Ideaction after co-founding social innovation Sydney in 2010. She loves innovation and how to spread that as a digital strategist, communicator, community organiser, educator, public speaker and event producer. Previously Michelle spent many years empowering businesses with the right technology through ERP systems, network system integration and Asia Pacific's largest IT Distributor. Michelle can be found on twitter @MiA_Will and on ideaction.co


Michelle Williams Fri 17 Apr 2015

Take a photo of your sheet or type up the 9 x 9 comments


- pain, poverty, cynical talk, brokenness, being cold, inefficiencies, guilt, manipulation

Desires: love, freedom, community, health, efficience, warmth, wholeness, positivity, wealth

Action to make it happen:
= Reposition, reprioritise, refocus, reinvent, do it


Michelle Williams Tue 21 Apr 2015

Beautiful, perfect. You got it exactly. You cannot know your light, unless you face your darkness.
You cannot create anew unless you face the old.

You nailed it Stephen, you're awesome!


Yehaa! :)


Michelle Williams started a proposal Wed 22 Apr 2015

Your ideas and actions for what you're taking forward from Open Source Open Society Closed Sat 30 May 2015

Thanks for being a part of the process in my session.

It was intentional to explore frustrations, to presence in that moment and to ideate on new opportunities and actions going forward.

It is also intentional to let a process like that settle for a few days before really approaching with fresh eyes.

Would love to hear what your ideas are and some action points. Remember we are planting seeds and it does not matter how practical or silly that they are.

Vote green thumb if you shared them on this Loomio thread for others to see and learn from. You might even find some collaborators in the process.

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Michelle Williams
Wed 22 Apr 2015

The future is so bright. It is even brighter when we see it with fresh eyes!
My action is to keep encouraging participation, finding our purpose and uncovering new solutions to old problems


Chelsea Robinson
Wed 22 Apr 2015

Open sourcing the Lifehack "bring on a generally awesome human" recruitment process and human centred Onboarding process!


Thanks Michelle :)

I remember first meeting you when you organised www.vividsydney.com/
You inspired me to meet tonnes of new people and step forward in my dream. Some people wrote a story about my dream while there!
Here it is: www.vibewirechangemedia.com/?p=527763

My dream is to tell cute stories and spread ideas using animated cartoon characters; to show the world how to create the caring world we dream of!




Monica C W Sat 25 Apr 2015

My notes from the closing keynote:

Negatives: Feeling excluded, being told I "can't", not being listened to because not the 'right kind of person' in that situation - locked out

Positives: Sense of feeling blessed/remarkably at ease during the exercise focusing on physical sensation/nervous system, integration of goals and opportunities, the empowerment of inspiration, participation in the concept and experience of being a value- and creativity-driven pioneer in new territory - not locked out

Actions: Get out more, share, learn, connect, showcase, utilise the results of positivity and serendipity, go forth and cooperate, care enough to change, believe in myself

Results: Abundance and plenty, an integrated life, reciprocal benefits, ethical symbiosis

Thanks Michelle!


Monica C W
Sat 25 Apr 2015

Openness leads to greatness.