Wed 15 Sep

2021 Community Working Group Charter Renewal and Team Elections

Matthew Cropp Public Seen by 73

The Community Working Group Operations Team operates on an annual charter, and we recently realized we've been tardy in renewing it, so this thread is for that process and for operations team elections for this year. The flow will be as follows:

  1. I will launch a vote to renew the charter.

  2. Once the charter is renewed, I'll post a check poll to collect the list of social.coop members who would like to be candidates for seats on the Community Working Group Operations Team.

  3. Once we have our list of candidates, I'll post an anonymous approval vote poll to elect the team members to the five seats.

If you would like to review who is on the team currently, as well as the language of the existing team charter, I just updated the wiki page here.


emi do
Sun 3 Oct

I have enjoyed my time on the ops team, and am happy to continue but happy to be replaced! Would love more people in social.coop to get a chance to peer under the hood re: moderation and ideas floating around how to foster community!


Mica Fisher
Sun 3 Oct

Similar to Matt and Matt, I'm happy to continue in this role or step aside if others want to get more engaged!


Sam Whited
Sun 3 Oct

Hello, my name is Sam and I would like to become more involved with social.coop. I hope that by serving on one or more committees I can do more to help create an actual community of cooperation than by just putting in a bit of capital once a month. I have limited experience as a moderator in small chat rooms on the XMPP network and a fairly large room on IRC. I hope that this experience can be useful to social.coop, but I also hope that I can learn to become better at resolving disputes by working with social.coop. You can find me at sam@social.coop or at sam@samwhited.com on Snikket or any other XMPP compatible messaging service if you have any questions or would like to get to know me better. Thank you for your consideration!


Matt Noyes
Sun 3 Oct

I am willing to continue but also happy to be replaced.


Matthew Cropp
Sun 3 Oct

I am game to continue on the team, but would also be happy to take on another role for the co-op if there is sufficient interest from other members to ensure a full team.


Matthew Cropp started a check Sun 3 Oct

Community Working Group Operations Team (Self-)Nominations You have until Wed 20 Oct to participate.

Now that the chater has been reapproved, the next step is to build the list of social.coop members who are willing to serve on the Community Working Group Operations Team for the coming year. If you're interested in throwing your hat in the ring, please respond 'yes' to this poll, and type a short personal statement into your vote comment.

Once we have a list of willing candidates assembled, I'll follow up with an election poll

5 - Yes

Ed Summers
Wed 15 Sep

Having a dedicated group of members looking at how the social.coop community is functioning is essential work. While I haven't participated in many meetings/events (yet) I do enjoy seeing them, and they are what make being a social.coop member different from other fediverse instances.


Matthew Cropp started a proposal Wed 15 Sep

Renew the Community Working Group Operations Team Charter for 1 Year Closed Tue 21 Sep

Please vote on whether to renew the charter of the Community Working Group Operations Team for 1 year from the close of this poll. The existing language of the charter may be viewed on the wiki here.

The only proposed change from the existing version is for team members to be recruited from and elected by the full membership, rather than just the Community Working Group, to ensure we include as many members as possible in the decision.

So, please vote on whether to renew the charter with the above change. If this proposal passes, I will follow up with a poll to recruit candidates for the Operations Team.

Agree - 18
Abstain - 0
Disagree - 0
Block - 0
18 people have voted (12%)