October 17th, 2016 12:28

Idolism: Shift to creativity/solutions & away from creators/leaders

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Think about the Donald and Hillary and what is playing out before our eyes and ears with all this. If this is not a foreshadowing of the end of the old model then I do not know what else could slap us in the face as hard.

No one has any viable solutions to fix the mess we are all in, so the story has shifted to pure entertainment rather than focusing on solutions to problems.

In the LE model government does not exist. There's no taxes, no politicians, no negative campaigning. Instead the people govern themselves globally and locally as well as virtually in all the different virtual communities you can belong to.

No longer are there leaders of leadership as we know it from our present model. They are replaced by innovate tools like muxive and the governance avatar.

All that exist are challenges, problems and solution proposals. All the issues are rank ordered, so everyone knows what's more important than the next most important issue. Great efficiency is brought to the table as far as decision making goes.

No longer do we idolize the creator of the serious work at hand. The creator is overshadowed by the solution which is popular by the voices of everyone. There's no opportunity to attack a real human being leader.

Communications come from coops after great deliberation - not from individual leaders who must think in real time on their feet and who most often say something bad or wrong.

The net result is that the entertainment value is striped away from the serious work. People get their entertainment elsewhere from the entertainment creativity industry.

How's all this sound to you?

Does this seem like a better solution than what is playing out today with Trump and Clinton and other power hungry want-to-be leaders?

I'm trying to now lead my life via the concepts within the LE model, so ALL I am sharing of my creativity is free for the taking without the need for credit due. The goal here is to have d@w adopt and morph (improve upon) my LE story. To recruit more followers to d@w and NOT directly connect me to the work at hand.

It's very important to not connect any one person to any of the work we do. Our one voice needs to be viewed as a collective and large one. It will be far more powerful this way and it will prevent attackers from taking the serious discussion over into the gutter by focusing on individuals behind the scenes.

I'm just a normal person with plenty of flaws. This is NOT about me in any way. I've figured out that ego is perhaps one of the biggest villains in the universe.


Joe October 17th, 2016 12:31

Can anyone clearly articulate why most human beings idolize persons in so-called leadership positions?


Joe October 17th, 2016 13:50

It appears Loomio lost some of what I wrote above plus they lost a 2nd comment question I added after the above post.

Do we alert them of this?


Joe October 17th, 2016 13:52

My question to you all asked if anyone can tell us why human beings tend to idolize certain so-called leaders in the world? Why is it about the person and less about their creativity?

John Rhoads

John Rhoads October 17th, 2016 20:50

Good question. For me the answer is in a book by P.D. Ouspensky called The Fourth Way: A system that is based not on the teachings of one person but of a "school of thought".

John Rhoads

John Rhoads October 17th, 2016 20:54

One aspect of this is my parents/grandparents. If you can break down why people idolize their parents, you may find your answer. It's about "identity" and "belonging". It's hard to separate the person from the idea which can lead to valuing the person more than the idea. I guess the trick is to keep them equal and in balance.


Joe October 17th, 2016 22:34

Hopefully tools like muxive will help separate the person from the concept more so.

Do you think in any way the current model encourages people to idolize leaders? That it is NOT all an innate attribute of humans? That it is more learned than intrinsic maybe?

Thus - given a whole new model like LE, that most people will stop idolizing others so much.