[FYI] Cleanup of project page and new service available

Ilja Public Seen by 24


We've cleaned up the page on our wiki that lists the projects that are currently active or open[1]. It's not perfect, but it should at least be easier to have an overview of active projects. If you see a project you like to contribute, please let it know. Each project has a sidebar on the page which includes a contact.

Because of the lockdown, the IT-squad has also added a new service to do audio calls online[2]. The tool is called Mumble. Simply follow the link and give a username you want to use. There are several rooms, feel free to pick one, you'll be able to talk with everyone you share a room with. It does not do video calls or screen sharing; If you want that, we can advise using Jitsi. Our friends from the French Pirate Party have set up a server that is open to use, so feel free to use that one[3]. Services provided by the IT-squad can be found at https://parley.be/. (PS If anyone with good knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS wants to create a prettier page, feel free to contact the ITSquad about it as well ;) )

[1] https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Category:Active_Projects

[2] https://talk.parley.be/

[3] https://jitsi.partipirate.org/