Tue 28 Aug 2018

8/30/18: Watch party for Realtors iOi Summit? Learn more re: Pitch competition & AI Hackathon

Bill Wendel Public Seen by 236

Greetings, fellow real estate consumer advocates / RETech innovators,

Thought you’d all like to know about this #RETech event this week in SF. Anyone attending or submitted an idea to the Realtors pitch competition?

Will share the #hashtag for the AI in real estate hackathon as soon as my source, Krishna from @TLCengine, shares it with me. He’s one of the companies contributing data to hack. Another 15 companies were shortlisted for the pitch contest which attracted 100 to 300 proposals (depending on the source).


Sustaining vs Disruptive Innovation

Would love to hear from any #REStartUps who proposed or are working on disruptive, moneysaving innovations for consumers; and share #RE2020’s view of the emerging real estate ecosystem particularly apps that empower P2P interactions.

Watch party?

Looks like the official iOi Livestream is on NAR’s Facebook page and limited to one afternoon, Thursday 8/30 starting at 4pm our time on the East Coast. Anyone want to join #RE2020 for a watch party?


Maybe we can get a venue to provide a room on short notice; or with the heat, combine work with pleasure via a #CoWorkation in walking distance to the beach in Lynn?

Bill Wendel

PS. See sample of tweets from search using keywords “iOi Realtor”


Bill Wendel Thu 30 Aug 2018

As anticipated, NAR press release reveals Realtor-centric mission:

“‘The hackathon is a piece of my larger strategy as CEO to bring tech firms that many consider to be disruptors under the tent as innovators, and turn them into advocates for our members,’ said Goldberg.”

To balance that, #RE2020 welcomes multiple stakeholders, but our mission is to identify moneysaving real estate apps and partners to deliver $30 BILLION in savings annually to homebuyers and sellers.