Sun 9 Oct 2016

Create a regular Hangout schedule

Thomas Euler Public Seen by 435

As this group is getting increasingly serious and therefore needs to improve organization and workflows, I'd suggest to start a regular hangout schedule for general purpose and strategy discussions.

Certain workstreams are already emerging (see here) and should organize independently imo. At the same time, a general platform to meet, coordinate, strategize and last but not least get to know each other seems to be in order.

Since we have to coordinate several time zones, I'd suggest 2-3 weekly slots which should be used as free-for-all, non-mandatory dates to further the project. In order for this to work, each call should

a) have a rough, public agenda in advance
b) documentation (easiest: via recording)
c) be facilitated

For ease of use just indicate agreement via thumbs-up. But of course, please add your suggestions/feedback in detail!

If initial feedback is positive I'll create a proposal, ask for some input regarding best options and set up a document for the agendas (I'd prefer slack but please chime in).



Priscilla Grim Sun 9 Oct 2016



Nathan Schneider Sun 9 Oct 2016

I like this idea! Is it something you'd like to bottom-line?

We could also keep files in Etherpad.net rather than going to the Goog.


Thomas Euler Mon 10 Oct 2016

Yes, I can set it up initially. It's then going to turn into a self-organizing artifact of the community (I hope).

I'll turn this into a proposal and ask for timeslots in a few hours.


Nathan Schneider Mon 10 Oct 2016

Remember that self-organizing is actually particular people organizing stuff:) If it's not me or you, it'll be someone else. So regardless of who is doing it, let's be sure to acknowledge and honor their contributions.


Tom McDonough Mon 10 Oct 2016

I'm W-A-Y behind on the terminology but I like the idea of a few hangouts a week at times that everyone can participate. I haven't gotten my friends in NIgeria to wake up to this yet.


Thomas Euler started a proposal Mon 10 Oct 2016

Shall we start regular hangouts on Wednesdays & Fridays? See details for more :) Closed Thu 13 Oct 2016

I suggest to start with 2 slots for regular hangouts. For starters, I randomly picked Wednesdays & Fridays and will change them according to feedback.

Because we have to accommodate different timezones, I further suggest to create one slot friendly to Europeans & one that's hassle-fee for the people from the US & Canada (I haven't consciously seen anybody from Asia).

Thus, my initial suggestions are:

Wednesdays at 6pm CEST = 12am EDT
Fridays at 6pm EDT = 12am CEST

Keep in mind: The hangouts are intended to be an opportunity, not a chore and they are optional. So, it's not a worst-case scenario to miss them, as they are supposed to be documented. As we are a rather large group already, it's impossible to find a solution that's perfect for everybody. Thus, I highly encourage workstreams and communities of interest to set-up additional hangouts when needed.

That being said, the idea is of course to find the common ground that usually works for as many of you as possible (that is if you want to participate on a regular basis at all):

To make coordination easier, I set up this document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wfFpUGfqK3Y4MSmCpqqcFrHbxiNWpbZigsuPyhtCviM/edit?usp=sharing

The idea is that everybody who has the intention to join the hangouts can indicate those timeslots s/he can't make under any circumstances (as in: it's your weekly expert yoga class you paid for in advance). I'll try to work around such slots and particularly situations where a person can't make either slot.


Coordinating many ppl is difficult. If you intend to join the hangouts, please indicate slots you'll never be able to make in linked spreadsheet. Participating is optional, don't feel obliged.

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Alvaro Solache
Tue 11 Oct 2016


Tom Ladendorf
Tue 11 Oct 2016


Maximilian von Gaisberg
Wed 12 Oct 2016


John Richmond
Wed 12 Oct 2016


John Gieryn Tue 11 Oct 2016

Fridays nights (I'm CDT) are less than optimal for me; a Monday or Tuesday 6pm CDT would be awesome. If we're going to be poking for common time though- maybe @thomaseuler1 you'd be open to running a https://Doodle.com poll? People could respond with their timezone here (or by voting) unless someone wants to troll through slack/loomio profiles... so as to help you or someone else create a quick survey to determine a decent time that works for most people.


Thomas Euler Tue 11 Oct 2016

I thought about a doodle as well but since it doesn't account for timezones (tmk, didn't check), and because I thought a via negativa approach (knowing what doesn't work) is easier, I created the document in the description. I repost it here so it's not lost in the details section: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wfFpUGfqK3Y4MSmCpqqcFrHbxiNWpbZigsuPyhtCviM/edit?usp=sharing

However, if you or others prefer a doodle, just go ahead and we'll do it that way :)


John Gieryn Tue 11 Oct 2016

your docs great; sorry I missed it- filled it out now :)


Thomas Euler Tue 11 Oct 2016

While we are waiting for responses to the document I'd like to set-up a new interim hangout soon.

Since I'm travelling tomorrow (Wednesday), I couldn't host one. Would anybody be up to do so? Otherwise I could offer to host a hangout on Thursday at either 6pm or 12am EDT (it's vice versa for CEST).

I also drafted a rough agenda: https://etherpad.net/p/Buy_Twitter_Hangout_agenda
Please modify as you see fit :)
It would be great if one member of every work stream would be present :)


Amelia Rose Khan Wed 19 Oct 2016

When is the hangouts and how do people join if they want to?


Alanna Irving Sun 30 Oct 2016

@thomaseuler1 can you please circle back here and update this thread so people arriving can figure out what's up with hangouts? You could set a proposal outcome with the final info, and/or update the thread context with what people need to know to get involved.