Mon 17 Oct 2016

Approach > Attack plan > Transition plan

Joe Public Seen by 362

So what might we all be doing here together in this collaboration group?

What are we doing as a group?

And what's hoped for by each member of the group?

The trick is to a KISS - keep it simple stupid!

I'd like to offer up my solution for an attack plan for d@w. It's been my plan for many years now.

A simple 3-step attack plan.

  1. Co-create a (simple) story of hope. E.g. the LE story world possibility for the future.

  2. Start building its tools and processes so everyone can play test them in a parallel virtual world environment.

  3. Sit back and wait for the people to adopt some of the improvement innovations into the real world.

All d@w need focus on right now is co-creating the story that step 1 speaks to. Don't worry about the other two steps yet.

Your job right now is to learn the base story and then help improve it - morph it into something more digestable for different target audiences - understanding that the specifics of the story may be different for different target audiences.

We are in a early adopter stage of development right now where I'm attempting to grow an early adopters following. My hope is d@w will lead forward the storytelling effort.

So it's actually quite a simple ask of you at this stage. Read, ask questions, challenge concepts and suggest improvement.

It would be great if we could co-create some exciting video story product out the other end of this effort. Also create a platform where the group as one can communicate further development steps to all the world - all the time allowing new followers to engage and impact the product(s) directly with their own personal lists.

Does this approach seem simple enough to you? (Someone create a proposal out of this if you feel it appropriate.)