June 4th, 2019 20:46

iGeolise / TravelTime

RobJN (Director)
RobJN (Director) Public Seen by 214

Last week I spoke with Charlie (Founder) and Louisa (Head of Marketing) at iGeolise. They have established TravelTime (https://app.traveltimeplatform.com/) - which provides a map of an area you can travel to based on time not distance. They licence this to the likes of search sites within the property market, recruitment, hospitality etc. The API now covers 35 countries and they make use of lots of OpenStreetMap data.

As a user of OSM they have befitted a lot from access to Open Data and are keen to contribute back. OSM UK will point them in the direction of corporate membership (ours and the OSMFs). We can also keep them informed of events that they may wish to help with (e.g. sponsorship).

Let me know if there are other ways you would like iGeolise/TravelTime to help with.