Sat 26 Oct 2019

Meetings - how would you like them to happen

RobJN Public Seen by 166

Hi all,

Before we started OSM UK our meetings were fully open discussions. We then moved to monthly Directors meetings. I think the hope was that we form working groups just like the OSM Foundation but unfortunately this hasn't happened. We would like to re-assess how and when we meet.

We would love to hear you ideas of how we should be doing meetings. Any idea is welcome - there is no need to follow the arrangement of any other entity. Indeed trying to replicate how the OSM Foundation operates is unlikely to be the best option at this stage in our existence. So please share ideas and we will figure out how best to do it within the realms of our Articles of Association.

Some prompt questions:

  • How may groups should meet? That is, do we meet as one big UK group or do we want subgroups?
  • How often should meetings be?
  • Who should attend the meetings?
  • What should be discussed at meetings versus what can just be shared via email newsletters, the website, Loomio, etc?
  • Do you prefer to use meetings to tackle one thing at a time or do you prefer a more general meeting in which we discuss updates on all areas of work?

Thank you,


Edward Bainton Sun 27 Oct 2019

Being totally new to OSM-UK (this grouping) I don't have much to say. But purely from a governance point of view, imo the company AGM (assuming the articles require one) should be online somehow, so that as many people as possible can attend.


Jez Nicholson Mon 28 Oct 2019

I like that idea. We are after all an online community.


RobJN Thu 31 Oct 2019

Yeah, more online meetings would be a good way for those who can’t (or don’t want to) travel to attend meetings. Could also look at hosting webinars but would probably need a volunteer to help with that.