Mon 11 Mar 2019

How should we launch & use Loomio?

Max Grant Public Seen by 235

The experiment begins

We currently seek to build a base of active users feeding into an array of broad and focussed conversations.

Much later - if we were to reach a stage where we had 100s of active users and this had become our primary communication platform, we could perhaps start to think about ways to integrate this platform within our constitutional decision-making processes.

How can you help?

If you've taken on a position at Nest, why not launch a discussion focussed on your area? You can describe how things have worked in the past and invite specific feedback or may suggest something new you would like to get feedback on?

Or maybe you've been to Nest or similar events before and you can launch a thread about an idea you think should have a platform?

And/Or - get involved in the discussions currently taking place!


Graeme McGregor Mon 8 Apr 2019

Hi Max. Do we have a code of conduct for posts on Loomio? Pretty standard practice for something like this, at least to prevent hate speech, insults and spamming. Perhaps Lou Lou has some experience writing these things up or has one we can roughly cut and paste?


Siren Tue 30 Apr 2019

We have a social media guidelines post which covers all social media (which this arguably could be seen as). We also have a code of conduct for all interactions (which would apply here) and is being refreshed by Lexy and Sam. Happy to include Loomio in our social media and relations guidelines.


Lozmatron Mon 8 Apr 2019

Lou lou has something which is shared on the Facebook page (I've attached it here). I'm sure all the same requests of members could be applied for Loomio. Some of it might need amending to make it more Loomio-specific, though.


Lexy Mon 8 Apr 2019

Thanks for reminding folks of this! And yes we are in process of updating the code of conduct to cover all online platforms and Nest activities etc.


Siren Tue 30 Apr 2019

So for me, we need to decide a few things: Where loomio sits in the organisation, what its purpose is and how it should be moderated. Then UI design if at all. Then we need an implementation plan and outreach once we've increased capacity on users.

I understand that Max thinks this should be a Community Embassy tool, but as it's a lot of admin there needs to be a team who has oversight/moderation. For me Loomio is a communication channel and should be managed as Comms Team are managing SM channels. However, it's up to the community at large to decide. I've already been having experience that it's me as the voice of Nest who is compelled to respond to some things here in official capacity, so it's already a big grey area... it think we need to make it a bit more black and white so it funtions as we want it to. First of all we need to work out how we want it to function, and what we want to get out of it. it's not just a case of 'ok, here go you, go for it'.... that won't serve anyone. The other decisions will come from that.

Spot the corporate change and communications manager


Adrian Godwin Fri 3 May 2019

It's a comms channel, to be sure. But so are all the others. Why so many ?

It seems there's :

Nest website for announcements and public info
Loomio for organisational announcements and discussion
Slack for something unknown
Asana for task management
Email for organisational announcements and private feedback
Facebook for enriching Zuckerburg, selling contact info to marketing companies and theme camp recruitment
Probably some others I haven't found yet

Is there really nothing that does more than one of these things ?


Paul Phare Fri 3 May 2019

We're not using Slack in the core team anymore, though others maybe. I agree that we have too many comms channels. Thanks for the feedback we'll add it to the list of things to consider for next year


Siren Wed 8 May 2019

@adriangodwin and @pauliophario As a comms professional, as long as they are integrated, you can't have too many comms channels, all told. People absorb information differently, in different formats, at different times and in different ways. People need to be told one thing three times in three different ways for the message to land.

The list you have made above Adrian aren't all direct comms channels that reach everyone. Asana isn't a comms channel for a start. It's a project management tool. As Paul says we don't use slack.
We have:
- The website which should always be the fount of all knowledge.
- mail shots which direct people to the fount of all knowledge.
- social media to further highlight information. This audience is limited and unpredictable and shouldn't be relied upon as a complete comms channel. Threading to news feeds can be very unreliable, people take social media breaks. Not everyone is on facebook.
- loomio which is a decision making channel and is in fact a point of information output.
- community meetings which are the only face to face channel. We sometimes do community calls (we did for newbies this year).

That's it. Our three main channels should always be Website, Mailouts and Community meetings.


Adrian Godwin Wed 8 May 2019

Hi Siren, Thanks for that - I'm sure they all have their uses, but you're thinking of it from the point of view of someone who wants to get information out. As someone who mostly wants to receive information and not miss anything important, it would seem that it should be enough to just read the mailouts, but that's far from true if you want to get involved. I've found Loomio a big help in getting a sense of what's going on but I'm pretty sure I'm still missing a lot.


Ax Wed 8 May 2019

I was expecting to be able to notify those who voted in the water poll of our decision, but it seems we have hit our notification limit? :confused face:


Case Sat 11 May 2019

As one of the early naysayers of Loomio (not able to participate on a core level due to energy commitment, didn't understand the need for a separate platform, critical of the poor advertising) I have got to say I am pleasantly impressed. I am finding it easier to navigate than fb groups and far easier than slack. I signed up for ordering wood (in hindsight I didn't need to), but am not actually sad that I did.

I am wondering what will happen when it reaches its critical membership mass (as the facebook group appears to have done) whether interactions won't stay civil, but i suspect looking to other large users may answer that question (there are other large users, right? A quick google gave me the occupy movement which must be bigger than us).

I think that the next step is to work out if and how to expand, and to find out if it falls over at a critical mass.

As for me, it makes me feel better as a non-Londoner (community meetings are not accessible to me) (the desire to get more involved with core direction is a new one this year). And there will be a few threads started after the event by me.


Tom Allen Wed 5 Jun 2019

it's worth noting that loomio is actually free to use if you host it on your own server, which i can help with if nest doesn't have one already. https://github.com/loomio/loomio-deploy they also offer a totally free hosted version to not for profit organisations but it's not clear if nest would qualify without asking them